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Unsung heroes for Doheny

October 24, 2012
Adirondack Daily Enterprise

To the editor:

While recently visiting another county, I noticed the number of federal vehicles on our highways, especially Department of Homeland Security SUVs. Also noticeable were closed businesses with wooden boards over windows and weeds overtaking parking lots.

There is a correlation happening here, a fundamental relationship between the deficit-financed proliferation of federal agents and the continuing pandemic of businesses going under. As government advances into markets, private enterprise contracts and retreats elsewhere to safer tax jurisdictions. Just ask residents of Rouses Point. Contrastingly, according to new census data, seven of the 10 wealthiest U.S. counties now are around Washington, D.C.

Congressman Bill Owens is a steward of this violent government advance. He voted for the largest tax increase in our nation's history, and he unequivocally supports government further taking over our industries and markets. He and his party do so with careless disregard to unintended consequences, ignoring painful lessons of history. And they must be stopped.

Fortunately, millions of young adults, veterans and workers are learning lessons on their own, draining swamps of economic fallacies - learning the truth about recessions - discovering the Federal Reserve and rejecting the erroneous assertion that our markets are to blame. They understand that entrepreneurs and business people are the true unsung heroes. And they must be defended.

Matt Doheny is a hard-working, successful businessman who has experience turning troubled enterprises into healthy ones, who understands the fundamentals of job creation. Many business people know Matt Doheny is a champion of our founding principles: individual rights, free enterprise and limited government. So on Nov. 6, unsung heroes will cast their vote for Matt Doheny. We must send Matt to Washington, where he will work to advance such principles and, by doing so put our nation on a true path to prosperity.

Justin Thomas Trombley

Republican Liberty Caucus




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