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Open letter to Peter Bauer

October 19, 2012
Adirondack Daily Enterprise

To the editor:

Dear Peter Bauer and Protect the Adirondacks:

In my phone interview with you, you claimed that there has been no noticeable economic impact since the lawsuit, that there is no provable correlation between your lawsuit and the hindrance it has had on our community and our economy. Whether we can put on a sheet of paper how much exactly we have suffered or not, listen to the people; listen to the business owners.

Look at the extensive list of names of people who signed the petition at OkTupperFest alone. Simply look at the fact that with the mountain closing this winter, it is yet one more thing that the school system cannot offer the children, that the motels will not have tourists staying for, that the restaurants and gas stations will not profit from. In a community this small, every little bit helps. If you can honestly be so ignorant to feel you have not been the cause of this, then come visit Tupper Lake, and I will personally organize ALL of the business owners in the town and hold a press conference, and we will see how you can react to real people, real emotions and real, pure loss of HOPE.

Will you truly be able to justify the lawsuit?

Also, in my phone interview with you and in your lawsuit, you claim that you believe that there is substantial evidence of government influence on the Adirondack Park Agency and its decision to grant the permits. Whether there is actually influence, I do not know. However, also in my phone interview with you, you admitted that your claim that hundreds of thousands of acres of land would be affected was an unsubstantiated assumption. You claim that this will set an abusive precedent for future applicants. Clearly, as a supporter of the Adirondack Club and Resort, I am going to combat these issues. It is not your decision whether or not the "proper" wildlife study was conducted or whether the applicant is creating HIS business venture in the proper way.

In our phone interview, you also stated you feel that the supporters of the ACR have not attempted to understand your side of this. My question to you: Have you considered ours? Have you listened to anything that was said at the adjudicatory hearings, at the local protest and support assemblies? These people are the only thing that keeps this community alive at all. The people of this community bonded together and continue to support, search and pray for Colin Gillis and his family; these are the people who support the football boosters, the youth hockey association and the local businesses. Where is your credibility? Have you even considered to support or help our community? Do you have to? Not one bit - you have zero responsibility to us. However, YOU feel the responsibility to combat the ACR project (yet another thing the community has supported and bonded together on) and the APA on a technicality because you think it is the right thing to do?

Please, come visit! As I mentioned earlier, I will personally make sure that any business owner in town, locals and people that no longer live in the area because of the lack of opportunity are there to greet you with OUR side of the story.

Thank you,

Scott Bell

Tupper Lake



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