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My thanks to the community 3

October 25, 2011
By Arthur J. Borden

Within the last few years you have posted a few of my letters that I have emailed you, and I thank you and all the readers who have read them. Well, I'm back with another letter.

My name is Arthur Borden. I'm 27 years old and live in Lake Placid, and last year I wrote a letter about me having the gastric bypass surgery in New York City. Well, things are going great, and this month, Oct. 25, will be the one-year anniversary of my surgery date. Now maybe some of you all who know me - maybe you don't know me but read the letters - might have wondered how bad it was for me with my weight. Well, today I'm going to let you all know.

When I went to NYC the first time to New York University, my weight at that point was 760 pounds, and when I went in for my surgery, I was 710. One month before my surgery I had to go on a liquid diet, and that alone made me lose 50 pounds. I was shocked, and it was cool. So yesterday I had to go to Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake and have a EEG done, and after that I decided to go down and get weighed. Well, my last weigh-in a couple of months ago was 577, and yesterday it was 549. So all my hard work and efforts that I've been putting in is paying off. It's something that's amazing to me, this feeling of finally breaking this weight barrier.

And one of the greatest things, too, is I have a girlfriend, and she is so amazing. Her name is Vanessa, and she just loves me to death as much as I love her - more than I can say. I have not dated in almost eight years, and now that I am now getting back on track, things are getting better. I wish I could show you all what this feels like, but then again, this is all a new thing to me. I could say this an easy way: I'm not a ladies' man (LOL). And to tell you, a year ago this time I was like, well, this is it; this is how it's going to be.

Sometime last summer I ended up having a grand mal seizure, and it was real bad. I stopped breathing and everything. I remember things when I finally came to screaming, thinking that was it; I was going to die. I lived in Jay at the time, and when I came to, the paramedics where there knocking out an old door that was boarded up. And I was screaming at them to stop, and I could see them smashing the wall down, and I was crying and screaming for them to stop. I thank everyone who was there helping me: Matt Galusha and Wayne, even though I flung a DVD or CD at him, but also including R.J. Call. He was my upstairs neighbor, and he was there to help me and I didn't know the guy that well.

But now I can see a longer road ahead of me, and the path is more clear, and it's great. I just want to keep thanking all who helped me all these years and this past year. Friends, family, doctors, all who have come through and have lifted me up, but foremost I have to thank GOD my lord and savior. Being on life support changes a person inside and out, and when I found out that I almost died after surgery and was put on life support - the doctors told me what happened - it was real scary. I cried and struggled to beat this for seven months of physical therapy rehab in Yonkers, but now that I'm home it feels great being back on my feet - even though I walk with a cane, but that doesn't bother me (LOL). Well, thanks again for all your love, you all. Friends and family, doctors and my caseworkers, thanks once again ...


Arthur J. Borden lives in Lake Placid.



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