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Election time β€” get your letters ready

October 15, 2011
Editorial by the Adirondack Daily Enterprise: Publisher Catherine Moore, Managing Editor Peter Crowley

Election Day is Nov. 8, a little more than three weeks away, yet it's been surprisingly quiet so far. That's changing already, though, and we expect to see more election-related letters on this page soon. Therefore, here, later than usual, are our special guidelines for election-related letters and Guest Commentaries:

No letters to the editor, Guest Commentaries or political advertisements will run in the Enterprise the day before or the day of the election (Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 7 and 8), with one exception: Rebuttals to prior articles may be published on the day before an election, as the editor deems necessary.

Letters to the editor and Guest Commentaries from candidates will not be published.

Form letters will not be published.

Guest Commentaries must be based on issues and must rise to a level of compelling writing and relevant content to warrant being published in this form instead of a letter, as determined by the managing editor.

To get a letter or Guest Commentary published before Election Day, it must be submitted no later than Tuesday, Nov. 1.

This election is mostly for town positions, and there are some important races, including for supervisor of North Elba, Keene and Brighton. Here are all of the races in our parts of Essex and Franklin counties:


* = contested race





*Supervisor: Robert Politi (independent), incumbent; and Derek Doty (Democratic, I).

*Justice (two seats): Dean Dietrich (D), incumbent; James Rogers III (I), incumbent; and Scott Monroe (I).

*Highway superintendent: David Jones Jr. (D, I); and Larry Straight (Republican, I), incumbent.

Clerk: Laurie Curtis Dudley (R, I), incumbent.

Council (two seats): Jay Rand (R), incumbent; Francis "Bob" Miller (R, I), incumbent.

Assessor (two seats): Arthur Jubin (R), incumbent; and James Bishop (R), incumbent.



*Supervisor: William Ferebee (R, I), incumbent; and Paul Vincent (I).

*Council (two seats): Henrietta Jordan (D, I); Jerry Smith (R, I); Marcy Neville (D, I), incumbent; Donna Combs (I); and Michael Buysse (I).

Justice: Kent Wells (R), incumbent.



*Council (two seats): Gerald Hall (R), incumbent; Thomas McDonald (R), incumbent; and Fred Balzac (Working Families)

justice: Daniel Deyoe (R), incumbent.



Council (two seats): Donald Raymond Amell (D, I); and Samuel Grimone (R, I), incumbent.

Council (unexpired term): Charles Whitson Jr. (R).



Supervisor: Randy Preston (I), incumbent.

Council (two seats): Darin Forbes (R, I), incumbent; and Stephen Corvelli (R, I), incumbent.

Assessor (two seats): Alphonso Smith (R), incumbent; and Dana Peck (R), incumbent.



Clerk: Joseph Provoncha (R), incumbent; and Brent Vosburgh (D).





*Supervisor: John Quenell (R), incumbent; and Peter Shrope (D).

*Council (two seats): Lydia Wright (D), incumbent; Brian McDonnell (D, R); and Daniel Whitson (R).

Clerk: Elaine Sater (R, D, C), incumbent.

Justice: Nik Santagate (D, R, Leaning Pine), incumbent.

Highway superintendent: Andy Crary (D, R), incumbent.

Tax collector: Holly Huber (R, D, C).



*Council (two seats): James Facteau (D); David Tomberlin (D); Patricia Littlefield (R, Conservative, Bright Future); and Eric Shaheen (R, C).

Clerk: Laurie Fuller (R,C, Maple Leaf), incumbent.

Justice: Leonard Young III (D, R), incumbent.

Highway Superintendent: William Dechene (R, C, ML), incumbent.



*Trustee (two seats): Leon LeBlanc (R, C, Leaning Pine), incumbent; Clifford Levers (D); George Robinson (D); Richard Donah (R, C).

Mayor: Paul Maroun (R, D, C).

Justice: Michael Demars (R, C), incumbent.



*Council (two seats): Robert Bevilacqua (R), incumbent; Nichole Meyette (D); Douglas Fransen (D); and Jason Bourgeois (R).

*Justice (two seats): Howard Riley (D), incumbent; Ken McLaughlin (R); and Edward Goetz (R).



*Council (two seats): Al Berg (D), incumbent; Clifford Smalley (D), incumbent; Robert Marrone (R, White Pine); and Janet Lyon (Bright Idea)

*Highway superintendent: Jacques De Mars (R, D), incumbent; Eric Merrill (Bear the Truth)

Supervisor: Arthur Willman (R, D), incumbent

Clerk, tax collector: Sandra Oliver (D, R), incumbent.



Supervisor: Marcel "Mickey" Webb (R), incumbent.

Council (two seats): Thomas Kimpton (I), incumbent; and Richard Lyon (R).

Clerk, tax collector: Laurie McGill (I).

Highway superintendent: Andrew McGill (R), incumbent.



Fourth Judicial District: John Lahtinen (R, C), incumbent; Robert Chauvin (R, C); Ann Crowell (R, C); and John Silvestri (D).



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