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Test your Vehicle and Traffic Law IQ

March 26, 2011
By DAVE WERNER ( , Franklin County Traffic Safety Board

In writing the weekly articles on Vehicle and Traffic Law and traffic safety, I get many questions relating to the rules and regulations of day-to-day driving. In this article, you can test your knowledge on some of the laws and traffic safety rules we think we know versus what the cases actually are.

Today will be the questions; next week the answers along with an explanation. So, if you are willing to play along, answer the following questions. Keep your answers handy until next week, when the correct answers will be revealed.

Ready? Let's go!

-Is it legal to pass a snowplow when it is engaged in plowing a road or highway?

-If no cars are coming, can you make a right turn on a red arrow?

-Is it legal for a pedestrian to cross a street in the middle of a block?

-Can you cross an intersection diagonally on a fully protected walk signal?

-If your vehicle has daytime running lights, do you have to turn on your headlights when your wipers are on?

-If it is snowing but your wipers are not necessary, do you need your headlights?

-What is the three-second rule in safe driving?

-Is it permissible to park in a handicapped spot if you remain in the vehicle?

-Is it permissible to park in a fire zone or in front of a fire hydrant if you remain in your vehicle?

-Can you legally cross a solid line on your side to pass a slow-moving tractor?

-Under what conditions is it permissible to go around a lowered railroad crossing gate?

-Is it legal to drive barefoot?

-Should a person in an electrically assisted wheelchair, if there are no sidewalks to safely use, forcing him/her to ride in the street or road, ride with or against the flow of traffic?

-The telephone number of the bus garage, as shown on the rear of school buses, is mandated by a Vehicle and Traffic Law. True or false?

-Do snowmobiles not traveling on a public road have to obey the state speed limit of 55 mph?

-Do vehicle and traffic laws also apply to public parking lots?

-If an emergency vehicle is coming toward you with its flashing lights and siren activated, you don't have to pull over and stop if there is no other oncoming traffic to obstruct the emergency vehicle. True or false?

-It is illegal to cross a fire hose without the consent of the fire official in command. True or false?

-When crossing streets on crosswalks, pedestrians must keep to the right half of the crosswalk by law. True or false?

-When the signal lights at an intersection are not working, the busiest street has the right of way over the other street. True or false?

How do you think you did? For the answers to these 20 questions, read next week's article on the V&T Law and traffic safety.


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