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Police report for September 1930

September 26, 2009
By Howard Riley,

This column, back by popular demand, contains stories from the old copies of the police blotter in Saranac Lake. Some of the names are changed to protect the innocent.

In September 1930, however, the police on duty would tell you that the place was going to the dogs and the trains were blocking Margaret Street.

Sept. 2, 1930 - Mrs. George Pasho reported her brindle pup (female) was missing. She just had a litter of pups and she thinks she was stolen or taken away. (Later dog came back). - Chief

Article Photos

The first blood hound detail at Letchworth State Park with Trooper Marring, left, and Trooper Perry.
(Image from the 1993 State Troopers PBA calendar)

Sept. 4, 1930 - Alice J. Miller, 11 Front Street, reports that she let her dog out about dark and has not seen him since. Dark brown bulldog, very small and answers to the name "Sonny Boy." She wants police to look for him. Notified Officers Putnam, Jones and Davis. - J. A. Baker

Sept. 5, 1930 - Helmer at 118 Lake Flower Avenue complaining that a dog in that neighborhood has been barking all night and he could not sleep. Investigated by Officer Davis who chased the dog all over Duprey and Edward streets but could not catch him. - J. A. Baker

Sept. 5, 1930 - Call from Wayne Timmerman. Brown hound dog bit Mary McCarthy, age 9 years, on right arm, not seriously 11 William Street. Investigated by Officer Duprey who took unlicensed dog and no muzzle on, to the incinerator. - Chief

Sept. 6, 1930 - Complaint from Dr. E. Wells that cars are speeding on Park Avenue - mostly taxi's and delivery cars. One of them ran over and killed his dog this a.m. - Officer Duprey

Sept. 7, 1930 - Called to the Depot to dispose of collie dog run over by the train. The section men agreed to take care of the dog after I disposed of him. Had no collar or license on. - Officer Jones

Sept. 8, 1930 - Call from Rockledge section. Stray collie dog was a nuisance. Same was taken to incinerator by Officer Duprey. Had license but was unable to locate owner who later proved to be Dave Bushey. - Officer Duprey

Sept. 10, 1930 - The 8:10 train blocked Margaret Street at crossing for 24 minutes. Notified Conductor Sullivan who was in charge. - Officer Duprey

Sept. 16, 1930 - 8:10 train blocked Margaret Street for 10 minutes. Notified Conductor Wallace who was in charge. - Officer Davis

Sept. 18, 1930 - Complaint from Lyle Delemater, proprietor of Walton & Tousley's Hardware Store that someone stole 2, 25 caliber automatic Remington rifles; 2, 30 caliber and 1, 32 caliber Remington rifle. Value of same $225. The above are 'take downs' and were in a box. - Chief

Sept. 19, 1930 - Complaint of a woman at 2 McComb Street that Edward Benjamin, George James and two Linden boys were chasing a rabbit under her clothes line and got her laundry all dirty. Investigated by Officer Davis who notified the boys to stay away. -G. A. Utting

Sept. 21, 1930 - Call from James Keyese at Boyce and Roberson's, Woodruff Street. Rocco Iosio attempted suicide by "taking" some shellac and tried to drown himself in the Saranac River. Investigated by Officer Davis who found out he was pulled from the river by Albert Brown and a couple of other men who took him to Boyce & Roberson's blacksmith shop. Doctor Wardner was called who advised his removal to the hospital. Officer Davis conveyed him there, assisted by Officer Putnam. -?Chief

Sept. 28, 1930 - While sitting in the patrolman's room talking to Charles Kingsman I heard someone come in the front door and begin to scuffle. I started to investigate and heard a woman scream for help. Kingsman and I rushed up the stairs and found two men fighting. Kingsman got hold of one and I got hold of the other. The woman ducked out of the door. We brought the men downstairs and into the office. I put on the red light. (Readers: remember the red light in the clock tower of the town hall? It was placed there so officers on the beat would know if the light was on they should return to the station.) Officers Davis and Putnam answered and came to the office. The men were Leon Hayes of Pine Street and Luigi Halenstaffi of Plattsburgh. I called Dr. Wood who ordered Hayes taken to the hospital. Hayes had lost a piece of his ear in the fight. Kingsman later found that piece of Haye's ear by the door so I put it in an envelope and left it in the drawer. The men said the woman lived at 65 River Street but one said her name was Florence Garcia and the other man said her name was Florence Sterling.



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