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Police blotters — July 1942-43

July 24, 2009

The following entries are taken verbatim from police blotters with names changed when necessary. Back in the 1940's car wrecks, explosions, kids and dogs all played a very prominent role in the day-to-day business of the Saranac Lake Police Department.


Body Missing!

Article Photos

Saranac Lake High School Band in the parade on Broadway on July 4, 1939
(Photo courtesy of the Adirondack Room of the Saranac lake Free Library — 85.262)

July 11 2:30 a.m.: Call from a Mr. Highland of Union City, N.J. concerning the body of Mrs. Harriet Guilbert which was supposed to have been shipped by Fortune's on the 10:10 train yesterday and has not yet arrived in Union City. I contacted Jay Stickney and Mr. Clark at the Railway Express Office who both claimed that the body was shipped on that train. Then called Union City on reverse chargesMatt Jones


Why was the charge set off?

July 11 - 9:30 a.m.: While working on crosswalk in Berkley Square I heard an explosion. Sounded like a cannon. Very soon I received calls from Kerr, Dr. Trembly, Mr. Whittemore and others. Started out with Wallace to try and locate the explosion. Checked water reservoir, gas works and sewage disposal plant. Learned later in the night that an extra heavy charge had been set off at the Lake Clear Airport which shook all windows in Saranac LakeMatt Jones


Lifted car by hand

July 11 9:30 p.m.: While driving on Bloomingdale Avenue saw a 1936 Ford suburban, plate number NY 93-87, overturned against a telephone pole. Ohman and Bruso were pinned under the car. Called wrecker and hospital ambulance but when wrecker did not arrive we turned the car over by hand. Sent both men to hospitalBill Wallace (then this entry three days later)

July 14 - 6 a.m.: Call from Dr. Woodruff at the General Hospital that Ohman and Bruso both had just died. Dr. Woodruff wanted to know the proper coroner to call. Advised him the Essex County coroner, Dr. GeisPeter Higgins


Kids don't know they been ID'd

July 12 - 7 a.m. Hugo Tanzini reports that his vacant barber shop at 72 Broadway was broken into and a candy vending machine was broken open and about $3.00 worth of pennies taken. Investigated and found that Nick Tartaris had chased four kinds away from the back of the building yesterday. These are probably the Smiths or the Jones. Nick can identify themBill Wallace


Somebody shot at the train

July 12 9:05 p.m.: Call from Charles Wright at the Delaware & Hudson ticket office. Reported that Conductor E. M. Reynolds of passenger train No. 91 coming from Lake Placid reported to him that as the train came to a point between the two Pine Street crossings a bullet was shot through the toilet window of one of the cars. It went through the glass but not through the inside screen. Investigated in that area but were unable to find anyone with a gun or anyone who heard a shotArt Ryan


A way to avoid paper work

July 13 6:30 a.m.: Warned Red Hoyt, taxi owner, to shut off his gong on his phone at night or the next time he left it on, he would find the wires yanked off in the morningPete Higgins


Attempted suicide?

July 26 12:20 a.m.: Report by phone that there was a man drowning in Lake Flower off No. 60 Lake Flower Avenue. Upon arrival we found that one John Doe of 130 River Street had fallen or jumped from a flat-bottomed boat out in the middle of the lake and that Richard Mosely of 60 Lake Flower Avenue had gone into the lake and was holding his head above water (John Doe's head, that is) and holding onto a boat which was being rowed to shore. When Doe was brought to shore he appeared to be unconscious and was taken to the general hospital.

At the hospital he recovered his senses and was very sick and threw up a large quantity of water etc. He said that he was drunk and hoped that he would die. Later we were told that his wallet was found on one side of the boat and cigarettes on the other Dry. (Dry was underlined in the report.) There was no water in the boatMatt Jones, Peter Higgins and Bill Wallace


Always the dog complaints

July 22 2 a.m.: Complaint from Thomas (Pollywog) Brown about a dog barking around Pine and Helen Streets. Unable to see or hear any dog barking(then within two days the following complaints entered)Dr. John Hayes, Glenwood Estates, complained about Krinowitz's dog barking all nightcall from N.V.A. (aka Will Rogers Hospital) about dog barking all night at Mrs. Weldon's house, says they have prowlers, will keep dog insideanonymous complaint about dog barking at 11 Baker Street, etc.



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