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Jada Pearl Meadows gives thanks

November 19, 2008
By SUSAN MOODY, Special to the Enterprise

Jada Pearl Meadows was born on July 5, 1999 in Saranac Lake. She is currently a fourth grader at St. Bernard's School in Saranac Lake.

"I like St. Bernard's because pretty much everybody is nice there, and I like the teachers," Jada said. "At school, we go to pre-school and have a reading buddy. The fun part about it is reading to children. I mean, what is not fun about that? They are so cute. Sometimes they are so shy that they don't talk. I might like to be an art teacher or a music teacher. I would not want them to think education is boring.

"I don't like wearing the school uniform because I like fashion a lot. I have been into fashion since I was about two, when I started choosing my own clothes that didn't always match, but my mom didn't care as long as I was comfortable. I would like to be a fashion designer because it is pretty important," said Jada, who thinks that the world would be colorless without fashion and that fashion adds liveliness.

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Jada Pearl Meadows
(Photo —Susan Moody)

"Fashion can help to create memories, and when you wear something special, it will bring back those memories," Jada said. "I draw and design clothes and maybe someday I can get my clothes made."

She added, "There is a time for sweats and a time for a tuxedo. It is a way to express yourself and a way to be respectful."

"I run track - my dad is my coach," Jada said.

Her father, Kyle Meadows, has years of experience in working with athletes of all ages, and Jada began training with him when she was 7.

"Usually, we have practice in the spring and summer about two times a week," Jada said. "It is good to have a partner to run against but it is not all competition. I think when you run you should have fun; you shouldn't get mad if you lose, you should be happy that you actually got to run. But I do try to win. I made it to the regional championships, and for the finals for national championships this year, I didn't make it to the nationals. My goal is to make it to the nationals.

"I get to be more confident by running; it helps me to be closer with my teammates and opens me up to new things. Someday I may be able to teach my child to run, or someday, I may be a professional track star," said Jada, who sometimes sounds more like 29 than 9 years old.

But the wonderment of childhood shines through when she speaks of her love of magic and fantasy.

"I love to read," Jada said. "I read a whole series of seven books, 'The Rainbow Fairies.' My favorite one is Sky, the blue fairy. The stories are about two girls spending the summer together. They have seven days to find all the fairies so they can all be together. "Sometimes when I am reading them for a long time it almost feels like I am in the story. I believe in fairies, I believe that they are real, they are here. I saw a movie called 'Fairy Tales' and it is a true story - I do believe in fairies, and you can only see them if you believe in them."

Asked if anything scares her, Jada said, "Spiders scare me; I don't like spiders one bit; thunderstorms are not my favorite, either. I just don't even watch 'Goose Bump' movies; they can give me nightmares.

"If I could have three wishes, I would wish to change into a fairy whenever I wanted to, or to change into a mermaid, or to go through portals anyplace I want and I wouldn't have to use a car or any other kind of transportation. I would just think of a place really hard and I would just appear wherever I wanted to, just go through a portal."

Kristin Meadows, Jada's mom, has returned to school this year to take courses in nursing at North Country Community College while working part time at Trudeau Institute.

"My mom will make a very good nurse because she is studying a lot and she is focusing and not goofing off in class," Jada said. "She is a good listener. I am very proud of her.

"Since Mom has gone back to school, we are not eating junk food and we use what we have more carefully. We spend about the same amount of time together and she still can squeeze in time to play."

Jada says that she has much to be thankful for this year.

"I am thankful a lot for my family and for my new baby cousin Mayzie," Jada said. "I have six baby cousins: Aiden and Gunner, Ben and Cody and Mayzie and Lillyana. I will get to see them at Thanksgiving. I love babies; I want to be a babysitter one day.

" I am thankful that my Oma and some other people are working together to build a hospital in Mankessim, Ghana for women who are sick with babies. They will help women with fistula. My Mom and I worked at a garage sale with other people and raised $1,700, and I was selling raffle tickets and I got $106 in selling the tickets. I think that we can raise the money to build this hospital.

"I am thankful that I live in a beautiful country with trees, the views of mountains and animals. The country is the place for me; I might vacation to the city, but not live there.

"I am thankful for my dogs, Maple and Rocky, and my cats, Nina and Johnny.

"I am thankful for shelter, food and water and for my Mom's mac and cheese - it is the best in the world.

"I am thankful that Barack Obama is going to be our president. I think that he will lead the country very well. It means a lot to me that he is the first African-American president, and I think there is going to be a very good change.

"There are not many African-American kids in Saranac Lake and I am actually very proud of my skin color. I like being this color."



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