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IRS tale smells fishy

June 23, 2014

Members of Congress investigating Internal Revenue Service harassment of conservative organizations got quite a shock a few days ago....

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Jun-24-14 12:15 PM

Ogdenerdz? a "preview" or "character count?" This "comments" thing you'd implemented in 2007 down there in Wheeling was 5 years out of date even then -

Link to VSL Evans-o-Rama at his FacebookWall - he has even less control than you, Aliester Crowley!!!

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Jun-24-14 12:10 PM

& when the ADE is empowered to block personas/remove their posts???

A select few get transferred to Jeremy Evans "VSL" page - had started as VSL COM DEV page, we'd gotten on his case when he "dissolved the Village" to change to "SL ComDev" - changing it again to the present "VSL" - we have some "screen grabs" showing those moves - we get "signalled" when he's "on the move."

"Heywood" recently "K-Lined" by ADE (after the "right" ppl. had read his "Musings from Mom's Basement) had a select post land ALL ON IT'S OWN!to live with others K-Lined by the ADE.

A Facebook "Crowley to Evans" AlGoreRhythm ?? Or are those nerdz tracking us Live again? dunno that coder-IT stuff - just "exploits" & "stings"... such as K-lining HSBC & the bogus Pill Operation at AMC, Nothstar, & the "rubber room."


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Jun-24-14 11:37 AM

oops - that email to VSL CEO & Board + MSM had been sent on 10/25/2013, one day after being "served" 2 Manila Envelopes on the street by SLPD. Tom Worthington apparently had been defying his "boss" - who couldn't wait to move on us. Mr. Worthington is a bit sharper than his former "Boss" & the ADE - he knew that we'd been running a "Sting."

The email sent had been posted at ThefacebookWall of the ADE - we "kicked up the game" after Evans ordered the VSL DPW into "action." They do good work - gave them an 8x10 of the boarded up manse - Rep. Owens got one as well.

Thefacebook had allowed the ADE to block/remove all posts by our "cAbAl" after all of the "right" folks had seen it & other posts -- Gone from ADEfacebook - no problemo - we'll make more...

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Jun-24-14 11:18 AM

Chris Knight should check the headers on our email sent on 10/24/2013- he'd replied after Jeremy Evans had told the Board that there had been "no attempt to respond" on our part -- the Nerdz of Ogden probably sat on it until after Evans stepped in the doggy-do & then sent it back up north.

Those folks at Ogden Tech? One of these days - POW! - ZOOM!!! bunch of script-kiddies as hysterical as the Left-Coasters who "assist our mayhem" at Thefacebook, Thegoogle, Microsoft, & others. We know nothing of that "coding" stuff - but we find "exploits" & they have to devise ways to stop us. Cat & Mouse - been at that for nearly 4 decades - harassing the nerds....

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Jun-24-14 11:03 AM

looks like we've lost contact via ADE com to the WV nerds - that "ALL Access" joint - Prestelligence in Canton OH - have never "interacted" with them... will direct them to the comic opera that is ADE @ThefacebookWall as well...

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Jun-24-14 10:57 AM

Can't find my "profile page" - no biggie - hadn't been there in a month - the nerds had given us access to the "digital scan" ADE edition a couple of weeks prior to your "A New & Improved A New Day Online" launch -- as some may have noticed on the ADE @ThefacebookWall, where we'd posted some grabs... PressRepublican com is no longer a freebie - but there's a simple "work around."

Profile is embedded somewhere? Not going to waste any time looking -- knee deep in KarlRoveCo Land - this cat is more of a dirtbag than I'd thought - but I do understand that the ADE has no problem with his role in the NY21 - ADE seems to "go it alone"

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Jun-24-14 10:46 AM

our case is "set in stone."

Now, must go to "profile page" & "sound the klaxon" down there in the Ogden Tech Ctr near Wheeling WV - old style Unix/Linux "easter-egg" functionality - those kids down there are good - gotta let them know we're here on their system, & going back to the ADE on ThefacebookWall -yet another "comic opera"....

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Jun-24-14 10:41 AM

Something IS "Fishy" at the saranaclakeny gov server --

"The Missing Agenda" 12-10-2012 "vanished" as would an antique gas pump. (1 VSL Board Member knew nothing about that almost a month later.)

Here it is:

Yet another VSL Board Member, in August of 2013, had known nothing of "Bill 228-2012" - not having seen the FRONT PAGE of the ADE.

& an email to acting "CEO" of VSL on 10/25/2013 had been acknowledged/received by the Office of Joe Biden, other associates, & we assume the rest of the VSL Board, NY Times, Wash.Post, WallStJounal,NCPR, NBC,Fox,Msnbc, etc. - they hadn't "bounced." Your reporter from ADE responded, but nearly 3 weeks after the "send."

This comic opera is getting wide play - Ogden will certainly cooperate, & we assume that "eGov" will as well when the FBI investigates...

Some say the IRS thing is a political ruse - our "case" is "

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Jun-24-14 7:53 AM

It was found out that the emails are held on a secure server, hosted by Microsoft. Our agency does exactly the same thing. They have over 50 gig of storage for every user. This is a cover-up. Besides, not matter where or how the drives were "destroyed", if they are still in possession, they can be forensically extracted for every piece of information written to the drive. Nominal cost is about $300.00 per drive. Our I.T. department performs such actions on a periodic basis, to obtain sensitive information that was supposedly "erased". Nothing is erased unless it is "zeroed out by a federal standard erase tool. Even a magnet cant erase everything. Wherever the emails are, they can be retrieved. Hard to believe the public is that stupid to believe the garbage they are being fed.

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Jun-23-14 4:59 PM

if it happened in 2011 its kind of hard to be a conspiracy. The real question is why dont they back up their hard drives? They fail all the time.

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