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The hip and the unhip

May 9, 2014

I was in the Post Office Pharmacy doing what everyone my age does there — waiting for my latest prescription. Ah yes, prescriptions. Either they’ll end my misery or prolong it....

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May-09-14 12:03 PM

May 7 from the ADE online archives:


84 year old 5'7" roly-poly - & the "link" yields "Page not found?"

The interwebs haven't been this much fun since the "Outpost Com" gerbils & wolves.....

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May-09-14 11:49 AM

NB the "*****" in last blurb...


....A popular "statistic" often added to "L-E-N-G-T-H" on those interwebs "dating services" SITES.

What I lack in d-e-p-t-h, I make up for in w-i-d-t-h.

For a penny - and sometimes it's a freebie - one can "get weighed" at PO Pharm (not so fast, Elmer Fudd - it's an old-time "scale.")

The height-weight charts on that scale indicate that I am ~18 inches too short. Have only gained 2-3 lbs/year over the past 4 decades - born on the cusp of Steve Woz & John Candy - 2 others who have seen the + side of 300lbs....

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May-09-14 11:39 AM

On yet another PharmCo annual meet - 4 waves of Reps at 750 per - a month in "OpryLand" - riding herd on all-things projected technically + my own "Big Session" & a Product specific "Breakout" - that one being a prep for a "disease" - & it later went "OTC" when patent went out. Very "hip" for PharmCos. I told my main producer that I suffered from that disease --

"You have GERD?"

"OOPS, I thought it was *****."

The new "laser pointers" had ***** a quarter century ago - & it being "rear screen projection," I'd removed the two 9-volt batteries from the one on the lectern, & when the research MD did his rehearsal, he "pointed" to the top of the 10x14' screen, & I "pointed" to the bottom...


"This thing is broken, do you have one of those old ones?" is the request to my young associate producer-boss at the &q

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May-09-14 11:23 AM

yo, OgdenNews - how about a "character count" on this archaic system? Or will this electonica disappear when you roll out the new paid-subscription for interwebs access to your string of small-market rags?

"All Access article May 1, 2014 Adirondack Daily Enterprise This is a test."


very funny, yesterday BTW....

"Ativan" cocktail???


facebook . com/photo.php?fbid=1389819971304232


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May-09-14 11:12 AM

...Who would fund that research? The same folks who would fund research re:"rolling a reefer for one's Granpappy Amos" to replace his Medicare funded ant-depressants? Side effects on some of those preps "may cause depression."

A local street-peep on the Medicaid had been on a daily regimen of 39 meds - I urged him to hit the FDA interwebsite - every drug prescribed having been followed up with another to treat the side-effect of the prior with the proviso that he check with his "baby-boomer" MD after weaning them off 1x1 - He got down to 6 - and his new "primary care MD" @the new improved "Adirondack Health" knocked off 2 more.

The era of "treating symptoms" is on the wane, just as "PTS" had been cited on "ANZAC DAY" - the "D" having been dropped -

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May-09-14 10:55 AM

It had taken Jon Stewart Liebowitz to get the PharmCos to curtail their ads for preps that "Cure" "Restless Leg Syndrome" AKA "The Jimmy Legs" -- potential side effect "Compulsive Gambling." Human Clinical trials had not been keyed on "kinder-gentler" gambling tendencies - "Lotto/Scratch Ticket Syndrome?"

NIH has for decades rewarded base researchers who are willing to cross the "Blood-Brain Barrier" with funding - who knows what Trudeau Labs would have been into in Port St. Lucie FLA - that "leak" re:"Kannapolis NC" having been a red herring of sorts, accurate as that info had been, with NECG waiting in the wings to "Brand."

thedailyshow . cc . com/videos/fco71l/the-jimmy-legs


A drug to cure gambling with a possible side effect of occasional "Jimmy Legs?" Who would fund that research? The same folks who would fund research re:"rolling a reefer for

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May-09-14 10:24 AM

A Reading From The New TV Sitcom Testament - "Granpappy Amos" being The Old Testament......

From the Book of Chuck Lorre - Chapter "Big Bang Theory" Sodum/Ghidra Left-Coast Apartment:

Ensemble Woman 1: "If I became a famous actress and had to move, you would just come with me."

Nerd Scientist 1:"But if I get a chance to be a tenured professor, I might not have that much choice in where I end up."

Woman 1:"Yeah, but if I become a successful actress, we wouldn't need the money."

Scientist 1:"Well, you don't go into science for the money."

Ensemble Woman 2:"Speak for yourself. Last month, my company both invented and cured Restless Eye Syndrome. Ka-ching, ya blinky chumps. "

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