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Column touched some raw nerves

April 10, 2014

Sometimes the things we write lead to misunderstanding and anger. This was the case with a column we published on March 31, titled “Demonic possession,” by Managing Editor Peter Crowley....

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Apr-13-14 11:45 PM

Just a bunch of cronies running the ADE .......... it's no biggie . . and not very local ones at that!

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Apr-13-14 7:32 PM

Finally a response. I appreciate the writers attempt to minimize PC's writings as being "misunderstood" by the readers. And casually brushing off references to diabetics and the mentally ill as "besides the point". That is the whole point as to why people are upset. Also because you violated this young ladies privacy already in a prior publication does not mean you can use that violation to justify violating her privacy again. I also note how you distance the paper from PC's article but point out yours is the collective belief of the newspaper. It is a slick CYA in case of litigation. Enough PC and ADE bashing. You screwed up and now must move forward. When your ready to publish a factual report let me know. I am an insulin dependent diabetic, I lost a sister to IV drug abuse, and I work with folks suffering with mental illness.You should do what PC claims was his intention and educate the public based on facts.

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Apr-12-14 9:52 PM

Bethany313... you probably meant psychologist or psychiatrist. Neurologists don't do mental illness. Crowley's piece is inaccurate, opinionated and hateful.

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Apr-12-14 10:44 AM

Future News/Editorials which conform to the local written word police will look like this ...

"A person died. Nothing more will be published regarding circumstance, location, time, identity, violence involved or other background. We suggest you contact the police or funeral homes for more detail"

Surely that won't "cross a line". Have a nice day.

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Apr-12-14 9:06 AM

"tea party patriot" That's an oxymoron.

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Apr-12-14 9:03 AM

I don't anyone has ever accused PC of being a great writer. He can write grammatically correct sentences and has a workable vocabulary. I don't see anything beyond that.

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Apr-12-14 9:02 AM

poolman, apparently I wasn't clear enough for you. I agree regarding the bias against the poor. It's not just PC, this bias is widespread, an example of blaming the victim.

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Apr-11-14 9:59 PM

with all the serious problems facing us i find it difficult to understand why so many folks are upset with this editorial....get upset with the real problems that face us improving tourism and the economy what a waste of energy

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Apr-11-14 4:47 PM

I love when people "HIDE" behind their screens when trying to defend themselves or their cohorts ........ any time you want to sit for a chat , just do it.......

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Apr-11-14 3:29 PM

And yet, if it were a right wing politician or a Tea party Patriot that wrote the editorial, you media hacks would have been out for blood, the "reverend" and his followers would have taken to the streets, and the aclu would have DEMANDED a formal investigation! Oh the hypocrisy these days!

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Apr-11-14 2:58 PM

Wondering.... "It was only economically disadvantaged diabetics that PC disparaged." It wasn't written that way and he is supposed to be a great writer right? He has bias vies and will never change ..... he hates poor, scum, drug addicted, unhealthy diabetics for sure ...... and that fentnal patch thing was sooooo bad on many levels! Toodle ooooo!

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Apr-11-14 2:34 PM

Hey Concussion .... did you fall and hit your head ? You're coddling a really bad opinion and if you want to use names , man up unless you're one to hide behind screens ......... :)

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Apr-11-14 1:28 PM

Others of course may feel differently but the "insensitivity" and inaccuracy was the implication that drug abuse and irresponsible behavior was a "poor people" problem. Wrong on both accounts. It was only economically disadvantaged diabetics that PC disparaged.

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Apr-11-14 1:10 PM

Shawn, calm down man. I can understand why you're upset, but if your girlfriend is 1)not shooting junk 2)eating nutritiously 3)disposing of needles the proper way, then she wouldn't be who Peter was talking about.

Unless you've been made, and well then I could see why you are upset. It's OK though man, no one else needs to know, we'll keep that between you and me mmmmk?

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Apr-11-14 12:38 PM

Liberal media bites the big one! Byeeee!

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Apr-11-14 12:35 PM

Rocky .... you agree with the editorial I presume....... and I will relax when people learn to write GOOD things to sell papers ...... and why don't you tell my type 1 diabetic girlfriend to relax dude!

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Apr-11-14 9:56 AM

omg. poolman relax. it's going to be ok. see the butt hurt doctor if you need to. this too shall pass.

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Apr-11-14 9:15 AM

Oops...In no way, shape or form was I suggesting litigation against the ADE for this editorial. I was simply making a joke of billboard trial attorneys, and how eager some of would be to jump on this. I now see how irresponsible that comment was, and I apologize if my attempt at humor was offensive.

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Apr-11-14 9:10 AM

Just to no way, shape, or form was I suggesting litigation against the ADE for this editorial. I was simply making jto billboard trial attorneys

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Apr-11-14 7:10 AM

Gothics- Are you Diabetic? are you hit with mental illness? if not ....... zip it!

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Apr-11-14 12:27 AM

re:"... We may also include these columns under "Guest Commentaries," although then readers wouldn't be able to comment on them."

Comments may not be accepted here in your ADE/OgdenNewsWeb sandbox -- but possibly the front office hasn't noticed that the ADE doesn't have "Home Field Advantage" over @ThfacebookWall ???

"A New Day Online"

copy/paste the link "B-LOW" provided by TheGooglePlex© (2014. All rights reserved) into the "Uniform Resource Locater" box - generally found at the top of your Interwebs Browser of choice --

Thefacebook Palo Alto & Thefacebook HQ - 1 Hacker Way - Menlo Park CA 90something have been most gracious to their elders....

hang tough Poolman....

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Apr-11-14 12:09 AM

I completely disagree with Townie and apparently the ADE does as well or they would not have addressed the controversy that ensued. I am not an overly sensitive person. The opinion piece in question clearly crossed the line, especially when describing the recent death of a young citizen. I could easily empathize with how this persons family must have felt knowing very private and embarrassing information surrounding the death was published. Its a small town. Everybody knows everybody. Some things just don't need to be published, and this was certainly one of those times.

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Apr-10-14 11:38 PM

Many of these "mental health" issues here in NY State & Nationally will be addressed at the "convergence" in New York State Supreme Court -- the process has been greatly expedited by both the ADE & the exalted DirComDev of VSL --

The resignation of HHS Secy. Sibelius today might be significant -- the "ACA" is not the issue -- it's the inherent corruption within the NIH for decades now - particularly in what/how they have funded base research for PharmCos -- the sort of work done here in SL -- Secy. Sibelius is one of the "good guys" here -- the NIMH has been particularly horrendous -- ditto "DSM-5" - which is under attack from within ---

yo, Evans & Crowley? It was like leaving "Reeses Pieces" luring out ET to corral you bullies at your bully pulpits. But hey, what good is holding power if you're not willing to abuse it?


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Apr-10-14 9:17 PM

Thanks for the follow on editorial. I agree with those who feel everyone is just way too touchy. Today people are afraid to call a spade a playing card suit. Everyone has their rabbit ears on for the slightest faux pas. try not to directly insult people, but give up on trying to filter 3rd order innuendos. Get over yourself people!

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Apr-10-14 8:05 PM

It's the Diabetic bologna that got me going ....... "The clear tube had the word "insulin" on it in black, but I doubted it was a diabetic who dropped it. What would be the easiest way for a junkie to get needles? From a diabetic, of course - there are probably more of them in the low-income circles druggies tend to come from than in the rest of the population, since those folks are less likely to have a nutritious diet." Now if that didn't bother any of you , you have issues .....

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