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Demonic possession

March 31, 2014

I found a syringe on the sidewalk the week before last, on my daily walk home from work on the Margaret Street hill in Saranac Lake. It was half-buried in the snow. I picked it up and looked at it....

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Mar-31-14 11:35 AM

I wish the people who NEED this commentary would read it and heed the message. Don't let your life consist of a dire warning to others. Addiction is a very real issue in this town.

I also believe that telling addicts that a certain drug/names of a drug kills people serves to drive up sales.

I lived in Newark in the late 90's and a brand of H called "RedRum" was killing addicts. The news reported on it so much addicts everywhere were asking about it.

I couldn't help but remember what the GOVT did to alcohol back during prohibition. You know, poisoning it so drunks would drink it and get sick or die.

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Mar-31-14 12:00 PM

Good message until the ridiculous discussion of demonic possession. And no, although some may find it helpful a belief in a higher power is not necessary for one to avoid putting poison in their body.

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Mar-31-14 12:45 PM

If you didn't want to reveal the person's identity you should have left that paragraph out all together. First thing I did was find out who and I did it my searching your site.

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Mar-31-14 1:23 PM

P Diddy dancing with sexy young women, adorable puppies and beautiful horses, insert an emotional story...Alcohol is and always will be the gateway drug. Alcohol is accepted by societies across the globe yet it kills more people than all illegal drugs combined. Now, with the legalization and acceptance of marijuana, which in my opinion is safer than alcohol, we are sending kids mixed messages. Why is it legal if its bad? Alcohol and marijuana, like cigarettes, should not be glamorized. Commercials and other media supporting legalization of marijuana and encouraging alcohol use should be banned and replaced with an aggressive campaign to discourage use.

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Mar-31-14 2:59 PM

My condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of the young person who lost their life.

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Mar-31-14 6:17 PM

Peter, I'm sure you must have a few skeletons in the closet too. Don't be so quick to "judge" people that have addictions to things...... Have you ever watched P.orn? Maybe proposing a way to help these people would be the better editorial!!!!!!

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Mar-31-14 6:27 PM

another thought Peter! How can you "assume" that the needle you picked up wasn't from a diabetic? Your suggesting that these needles are given out by diabetics? Your not very smart Pete .......your lacking bigtime to make claims like you do in this....Claiming that low income circles are most filled with druggies? You need to really get schooled! I bet those rich folks don't ever think of doing drugs huh? LOL!!!! Bad one dude! just bad!

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Mar-31-14 7:25 PM

Mr. Crowley, As a person living with Type 1 Diabetes for 24 years, I am utterly disgusted with your commentary. I depend on insulin injections to SAVE MY LIFE! For you to allege that people living with diabetes are low income, needle pushing, junk-food eating enablers of those with substance abuse issues is absolutely ridiculous. I am deeply offended by your outrageous claims and question your ethics and professionalism as a journalist. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your opinion piece is insulting to myself and the many others with diabetes who on a daily basis struggle with injections, blood tests, monitoring food intake, and exersize to survive! On another note, DO NOT THROW USED NEEDLES IN THE GARBAGE. EVER! That action is just as dangerous as the person who disposed of the needle in the street. Should you ever find a needle on the ground, which likely was NOT that of somebody living with diabetes, please bring it to the police station so it can be disposed of safely!

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Mar-31-14 8:14 PM

You know you can buy needles at a pharmacy, right? You don't need to know a diabetic in "the low-income circles druggies tend to come from" to get them.

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Mar-31-14 8:16 PM

I'm not sure how you go from finding a needle to disparaging diabetics! Type 1 diabetes has absolutely nothing to do with poor diet or socioeconomic factors! It is ludicrous to believe that drug dealers are getting their needles from diabetics and to stereotype diabetics as you have in your "article" is very irresponsible and reckless! You, Mr Crowley, need to check facts before you write an article rather than making assumptions with obviously no research into the matter! You owe all diabetics and their loved ones a major apology!

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Mar-31-14 8:22 PM

by not naming names it seems to me that you are sweeping the problem under the carpet... well there is no more room under the carpet!

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Mar-31-14 9:09 PM

my thoughts: I personally have found needles around --not from diabetics; as to the demonic comment----yes demonic possession is real and possible BUT only when and if the person allows it. When a person who is high most of the time ( not the occasionally pot smoker)-someone who has lost control of their drug use but still coherent and still in control of their senses can make the decision to allow demonic possession. Drug use makes it easier. DOES it happen to a lot of people probably not but there are some.............sad but true

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Mar-31-14 9:22 PM

" ...That's demonic possession, plain and simple.

One could say the same of mental illness, except for the person having invited it in."

What? Why is your editorial full of insults, insinuations, spiritual hooey and medical nonsense in commenting on a found hypodermic needle of unknown origin and use? I'm pretty sure my mental health issues are not controlled by demons and find it an insult that you would think such a thing, let alone teach your daughter such crap.

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Mar-31-14 9:29 PM

What? Diabetics what? And by "what" I mean what could you have been thinking when you were writing this article? I must say I am looking forward to your retraction and I hope you put more thought into it than the original. I have a feeling that your future as a writer with any credibility may depend on it.

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Apr-01-14 6:01 AM

This is really bad on so many levels. I don't even know where to begin.

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Apr-01-14 6:38 AM

It is too bad that this is an opinion piece. Knowing it was some sort of news would be bad enough. Understanding that someone is ignorant on so many topics that this is the opinion they hold is devastating. Unfortunately, Mr. Crowley, mental illness, diabetes and drug abuse are not things that care how much money you have or what circles you keep company with. Diabetes does affect the body's ability to use insulin but only some people with diabetes need insulin. Those very same people need needles for giving themselves LIFE SAVING MEDICINE. Supplies are costly and needed by them to stay alive. Mental illness is not possession, by choice or otherwise. It is just that, an illness. And you seem to form this entire opinion article because you found a syringe (with the cap on, empty) on the sidewalk. You threw this same syringe in the trash. How is that any different than it being on the sidewalk? Educate yourself. Drug abuse is dangerous but so is ignorance.

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Apr-01-14 8:07 AM

1. People with diabetes are dependent on insulin everyday and when we find an insulin needle does not mean that it was used by someone abusing drugs. 2. Disposal of needles by throwing it in the trash is a violation of federal guidelines. You should have taken it to the hospital or Urgent Care. 3. Demonic possession is real, however being on illegal drugs or viewing *********** does not constitute being under the possession of a demon. That is sin, plain and simple. 4. We do have a ******, marijuana, prescription drug problem in this region, and placing someone that had discarded an insulin syringe in with that group is just wrong. How do you know? You don't. It is entirely possible that the person that injected themselves, with the insulin, was in recovery mode and the brain could not process the act of keeping the syringe, and taking it to a proper disposal location.

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Apr-01-14 8:08 AM

the ******** areas were: P#o*_r_n)o_graphy and "H$e_r_oin

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Apr-01-14 8:09 AM

Fix your filters Pete.

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Apr-01-14 12:13 PM

Not to make light of a serious subject (drug abuse). But demonic possession is real??? Hahahaha.

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Apr-01-14 12:14 PM

I will bet that Peter ( oh holy one) will Not even think of rebutting any of this........ His pride stands in the way................

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Apr-01-14 12:32 PM

as a former meth user i can tell you it's not a easy way of life. your fooled into thinking you need the drug. you can quit, but it requires a strong desire to stop. many have quit. then there's others who are now dead. they refused to give up.

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Apr-01-14 1:03 PM

For you to insinuate that people who have or need needles are drug addicts, I am astounded at that comment! My wife crochet's almost daily and needs those needles to make doilies, trivets and such. If you've ever crocheted you know you can't do that and be high.

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Apr-01-14 1:26 PM

Man, if you ever got high and lost your stitch count you would really be having a hard time.

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Apr-01-14 1:54 PM

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