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Founders would have disagreed with judge

January 6, 2014

Just before the old year ended, a federal appeals court judge handed champions of the liberties Americans cherish a stinging defeat. Federal District Court Judge William H. Pauley, in Washington, D....

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Jan-07-14 11:33 AM

I don't know a lot about Kagan. She has very distinguished credentials though her associations with Clinton & Obama do cast doubt on her ethics. But I think Clarence Thomas is unique. He has never spoken during oral arguments.

"Political scientists who study the court say it has been more than 40 years since a justice went an entire term, much less seven years, without saying a word at oral arguments." NY Times - 1/13/13

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Jan-06-14 4:35 PM

I don't know, maybe the it was the thought of grossly incompetent and corrupt judges that just naturally made me think of Thomas. Thomas has not asked a single question during hearings during his tenure. I guess he is aware of the saying "Better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak and be known as one." His lack of ethics in not recusing himself in cases where he has a vested interest in appalling, even with a group that does not set the ethical bar very high.

The party “rejects and vilifies every principle for which the Socialist movement originally stood, and it does so in the name of Socialism” If you're referring to the dems I might agree with you since there is nothing truly socialist about Obama though he does preach socialist virtues while serving an oligarchy more properly thought of as capitalist or fascist than socialist.

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Jan-06-14 3:09 PM

it's a different world than it was when the constitution was written..i would think our founding forefathers would roll over in their graves if they saw we were not changing with the times and doing all we could to protect many of us think we could never have a war on our soil and that what the nsa is doing is overkill..don't be fooled, it could happen but hopefully those in government who are awake will prevent it and protect us.also we need to STAY out of iraq as we BEEN THERE DONE THAT!. p.s. read this softly to yourself as congress is sleeping and certainly we shouldn't wake them...if we do the govt will probably claim we violated their rights

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Jan-06-14 12:56 PM

Now why did you have to bring Justice Thomas into this? I would say the same thing about Kagen. BTW, we told you all that the country will never be like it was before. INGSOC. Ref: The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, by Emmanuel Goldstein, describes the Party’s ideology as an Oligarchical Collectivism, that “rejects and vilifies every principle for which the Socialist movement originally stood, and it does so in the name of Socialism”. It is noteworthy that, in the terms of the book, this ideology would be a form of doublethink. Big Brother personifies the Party, as the ubiquitous face constantly depicted in posters and the telescreen, thus, Big Brother is constantly watching. Ingsoc demands the complete submission – mental, moral and physical – of the people, and will torture to achieve it. Ingsoc is a masterfully complex system of psychological control that compels confession to imagined crimes and the forgetting of rebellious thought in order to love Big Brother.

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Jan-06-14 12:24 PM

No doubt you are right Wilford but with the direction the country is taking he may also become a member of the supreme court. Clarence Thomas proved that intelligence is not required (or even a slight bit of ethics).

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Jan-06-14 11:07 AM

W. H. Pauley shall go down in history as a fool.

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