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Vote yes to Tupper Lake school budget

June 12, 2013

We encourage Tupper Lake Central School District residents to vote yes to the second version of the 2013-14 school budget Tuesda....

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Jun-12-13 3:57 PM

Of all the articles I've read on the TL School budget I've only seen mention of the "Elephant" in the room once. The cost of Health Insurance. The TLCSD website shows this years' cost to the district is almost $3.2 Million, and that is up an astounding $461000. over last yr. My understanding is that each family plan costs the district over $22000./yr. I have not seen one article where it lists how much each employee contributes towards that premium. I've learned it is very, very little. I am a big proponent of education but the employees contributions need to be adjusted to be more in line with other public sector employees. Just think of how many jobs could be saved if each employee was to contribute just 20% of the premiums, that would be over $600000./yr. That would certainly help close the gap in the budjet. I can't imagine that the current employees would balk at such a suggestion.

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Jun-12-13 6:00 PM

I agree that putting more in towards medical would be the right thing to do. I wonder what they do contribute?

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Jun-12-13 11:11 PM

I can't support the 2nd version either, Sorry Peter. I have not decided yet whether to vote NO, or just not vote. I certainly do not support the proposal, but I also understand the implications of another failed budget. Between a rock and a hard place. Teachers and Administrators should do the NOBLE thing and offer up concessions to help mend the gap.

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Jun-13-13 12:39 AM

Tupper Lakers need to hold the Superintendents feet to the fire and force him into negotiations with the teachers union. Please, don't vote YES until teachers have to give just as much as the students! Health insurance costs are driving the current budget increase. I have no problem paying 100% of the cost for the individual teachers insurance, but I do not employ their "family". If they want a "family" plan, they need to pay the difference themselves. Public union demands are bankrupting municipalities all across the country. Tupper Lake is not immune. The Tupper Lake school board has allowed this to happen and to the detriment of the students! I value teachers, and I admire what they do, but this is a new day! Public schools have become more about what the teachers get, while educational services are cut to fund to fund their very generous benefits. Public union benefits throughout this town need to be heavily scrutinized. Don't let them rob you any further! Ple

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Jun-13-13 12:57 AM

Peter, I dare you to put one of your reporters out there to investigate the generous benefit packages that teachers and other public employees are afforded. I bet most taxpayers would be completely shocked and outraged. Do you have the courage?

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Jun-13-13 8:48 AM

I am impressed that Pete has anything good to say about any administrators as he is usually trashing them. I have never seen him say anything good about them. Of course it is just his opinion as he has never walked a day in their shoes to know what they do, but I guess now a days everyone is a critic and love to backseat quarterback on how to tell everyone that they could do their job better.

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Jun-14-13 9:57 AM

Lifeisgood: I agree with you that the cost of health insurance, and employees' contributions to it, are a huge factor in school budgets. The Enterprise has reported those numbers in the past, but not so far this year in Tupper Lake because it hasn't come up yet in public discussion. Maybe now's the time. Anyone should be able to get those numbers from the district, no investigation required. As for union negotiations, that's done by the school board, not administrators.

-Peter Crowley, managing editor

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Jun-14-13 10:01 AM

Unbelievable: Of course I've never been a school administrator, but that goes for almost every other taxpayer and voter. School administrators are paid by the public; let's not forget that. They are specialists hired for important jobs, which means the public should value their work but also hold them accountable.

-Peter Crowley, managing editor

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Jun-14-13 11:50 AM

Pete, Just as your paper is paid by advertising and people expect fair journalism. Funny how you are so defensive when you are criticized but love to call everybody else out on how you think they should do there job. Also not true about Union negotiations being done by school board they are done with Superintendent or a mediator that the district hires, or sometimes a team which can include a school board member (depends on each individual district) then when reached an agreement it goes before the BOE for approval. They are not strictly done with BOE not their role. They only approve or disapprove after negotiations are done.

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Jun-14-13 7:17 PM

I have spoken with four district teachers (due diligence) since my post was removed. The family contribution for teachers is $400.00/year. Yes, $400!!!! Thats it!!! Now, why are tax payers fed up??? You tell me why the negotiatons havn't received more acceptance of significant increases in that number. I say, GREED! and now, after a few years of foresight, here we are. Too late TL teachers, you had your chance in the last round. Too late Board, you also had the chance to negotiate in good faith and didn't sieze the opportunity to avoid this unfortunate situation that you BOTH have placed us, the tax payer, in. A collaborative FAULT, not ours, the tax payer!!!!!!! Vote NO AGAIN!

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Jun-14-13 7:21 PM

A 'Yes' vote only digs the district deeper. Lobbying Albany is the answer to assist the TL tax payer, not borrowing more and more from reserve funds to bandaid the financial debacle here. Hard times call for Extreme measures...

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Jun-18-13 9:01 PM

That's what I find hilarious about teacher jealousy in the NC. There are no "paid summers off". There are summers off, without pay - unless the teacher elects to divide their checks throughout the entire year. Teachers are NOT, repeat NOT paid in the summer. The ignorance is laughable. Remind me never to visit Tupper Lake.

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