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Inconsistency in going after terror suspects

May 29, 2013

President Barack Obama’s position on the terrorist attack last fall at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, is puzzling in the extreme. U.....

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May-31-13 9:18 AM

Prober, That's a tough question. Much easier to identify the rejects, pretty much anyone near the top of either the dem or repub parties. Whenever a Kucinich (dem) or Huntsman (repub) comes along that is not a total party hack their own party sabotages them so we can cros them off. No matter who we get it won't be enough unless congress is pretty much swept clean as well, repeal Citizen's United to decrease the legal corruption it permits and end American imperialism. I'm sorry to say I don't see anyone with the courage to truly lead, it sure as*****ain't Obama or Hilary and the repubs are even worse.

So bottom line to your question is I don't see anyone. From past candidates that are still alive I'd go with Nader. I don't know if he'd have the wheeling/dealing ability but at least his integrity is unquestionable. That would be a first for the 20-21st centuries.

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May-31-13 9:14 AM

After reading some of these comments, your pout-rage is duly noted.

Big O's been doing better at killing terrorists than the last guy. The only people who miss "W" are the terrorists!

Being a rational person, I don't even see what the scandal about Benghazi is...nor do I believe it's even a scandal. Maybe the real scandal would be if there was proof that one of the political parties had cut funding to embassy security while defending tax cuts for the richest Americans.

Boy that would be embarassing.

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May-29-13 8:53 PM

Please get a post about local skatepark stereotypes. It ties in nicely.

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May-29-13 3:33 PM

So, Wondering, you tell me whom you would pick to be President.

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May-29-13 3:32 PM

The past is gone. Time to deal with the now. Impeachment is in order for Obama, Biden and Holder.

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May-29-13 1:13 PM

Hilary's not someone I would want as president but it should be pretty obvious that Americans have a very short memory when it comes to politicians so you'd be foolish to count her out. The motley crew of cretins that the GOP will run against her all have their own skeletons in the closet as well.

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May-29-13 1:10 PM

Yes Obama is the one to focus on now but the very tired refrain that the harm a president does ends with the end of their term is naive to the extreme. It's necessary to remember who the sources of our economic decline and eternal war war status are otherwise we will believe that it is just the fault of the guy currently in office. If it was so, choosing the other party should help, right. But it didn't help undo the problems Reagan created when Clinton was elected nor did it help with the problems caused by Clinton when Bush II came in. It's obvious that Obama has not been any better than Bush II. Until we see and act on the fact the the repub and dem are essentially the same, totally subservient to corporate money, we will keep repeating the same mistake.

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May-29-13 12:17 PM

Reagan is dead. Bush and Cheney are gone. Clinton is past history, and his wife doesn't stand a chance now with Benghazi hanging over her head. Obama owns it all. Place your blame on him.

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May-29-13 12:15 PM

First: The main character behind this blunder is Hillary Clinton. She absolved herself when she resigned, KNOWING that she would face the music. Her reactions were plain as the wrinkles on her face. She is guilty, and so is Obama and Biden for covering this up. And that is JUST the first scandal. Wondering, would you please stop with the Reagan era complaining? It is way old and your bitterness is beyond old. Get on the wagon here and join the new generation, if you can get your Geritol working. Jeeze.... get over it.

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May-29-13 12:02 PM

It is also lazy reporting to state "U.S. intelligence agencies reportedly know" something without identifying the source of the alleged report.

The "great mistake" began in 1980 with Reagan and has been repeated every 4 years since then as we have allowed the corporate world to choose our "leaders".

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May-29-13 11:45 AM

"U.S. intelligence agencies reportedly know the identities of some terrorists behind the attack and the murders of four Americans at the consulate. Yet nothing has been done to bring them to justice."

That is a strong statement... is it a known fact to you that nothing is being done?

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May-29-13 11:02 AM

Welcome aboard after almost 5 years your just now starting to ask some tough questions???

Justice Department’s seizing of journalists’ phone records, IRS Targeting the Tea Party, Benghazi cover-up, Fast and Furious guns for Mexico? With 44 months to go in the reign of the Great Mistake, the gods are not done punishing us.

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