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Be on the lookout tonight: Pleiades is in sight

April 3, 2012 The weather forecast says we should enjoy clear skies tonight. So just as it darkens after sunset, grab a pair of binoculars and look to Venus in the western sky. more »»

Mars rises in spring sky

March 20, 2012 As Jupiter sinks into the west at sunset, a smaller, nearer solar system neighbor rises in the east: Mars. more »»

Mercury in the night’s sky

March 6, 2012 This month, Mercury makes one of its fleeting appearances in the evening sky. It swung around the far side of the sun on Feb. 7 and has been slowly rising into the sunset sky. more »»

The shining —what’s twinkling above

February 21, 2012 The moon will be new at 5:36 this evening. That means it will be aligned with the sun in our sky and, thus, invisible. more »»

Long winter nights slowly fading away

February 7, 2012 After the long nights of December and early January, the sun’s northward motion is bringing longer days to the Adirondacks, beginning to awaken the land from its winter slumber, starting with the... more »»

Signals from beyond Earth

January 24, 2012 Before you read this, if you have access to an FM radio, tune through the frequencies until you find one that has very little signal and is mostly static. more »»

Venus in the night’s sky

January 5, 2012 After passing behind the sun last August, Venus has swung out to the east of the sun as it comes around toward Earth. more »»

Winter soltice

December 13, 2011 It is the darkest time of year. The earliest sunset for the Adirondacks occurred on Saturday, Dec. 10 at 4:19 p.m. (on a flat horizon). more »»

Viewing opportunity in early morning darkness

November 29, 2011 Many of us have the opportunity to leave for work before sunrise in December and January, and it’s worth pausing to view the objects that will move into the evening sky through the winter. more »»

Jupiter shines bright on these cold nights

November 15, 2011 As the wind sharpens with cold and the nights lengthen, Jupiter will again illuminate a dark part of the sky and accompany us through the winter. more »»

Summer constellations

April 19, 2011 As night retreats before the northward march of the sun, the winter stars fade over the western horizon. So, too, this column will fade into the bright evenin. more »»

New things to see as spring/summer approaches

April 5, 2011 The winter sky will disappear abruptly as the apparent westward motion of the stars meets the sun’s northward motion lengthening the day. By the end of May, Orion will set before the sky darkens. more »»

Springing ahead

March 22, 2011 After “springing ahead” into Daylight Saving Time, evening darkness comes much later in the Adirondacks. more »»

The sun and moon travel through the sky

March 8, 2011 The rapid lengthening of the days makes it clear that, however long the winters may seem in the Adirondacks, spring is inevitable. On Sunday, March 20 at 7:21 p.m. more »»

Leo lights up the night’s sky

February 22, 2011 Leo, the king of beasts, the great lion, has risen into our evening skies. As the diagram shows, Leo is one of the few constellations that actually looks like what it is supposed to be. more »»

A sliver of moon

February 8, 2011 A thin, crescent moon started appearing in the western sky over the weeken. more »»

A sky-high accessory

January 25, 2011 Orion’s brilliant white belt, an asterism known to every culture on Earth, is with us again to accompany us through the winter nights. more »»

The Alpha Persei cluster

January 11, 2011 As winter settles in on the Adirondacks, a cosmic parade of brilliant constellations rises to illuminate the night. more »»


December 28, 2010 Jupiter has been shining brightly in the southeastern sky during early evening since mid-September. This week, it can be found almost due south at 10 p.. more »»

Locating the Summer Triangle

December 28, 2010 Summer fades to memory as smoke curls from chimneys and forests of sticks emerge from brilliant blankets of red and gold. more »»



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