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Roadway noise increases with vehicle speed

October 22, 2011 “Noise” is defined as unpleasant sound. Roadway noise is the collective sound energy emanating from motor vehicles. more »»

More than one earphone prohibited while driving

October 15, 2011 Have you ever listened to music using earphones while driving? If you have, you violated article 375(24)-a of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic La. more »»

Texting, cell phone bans not working

September 17, 2011 New York state has laws banning the use of portable electronic devices and hand-held cell phone use while driving, but have these laws reduced the crashes resulting from these distractions? As well... more »»

Mercier Bridge traffic improved — restrictions remain

September 10, 2011 The west side of the Mercier Bridge is now open with one lane to westbound (from Montreal to the South shore) traffic effective Sept. 6. more »»

School resumes; safety required

September 3, 2011 The new school year has begun and we, as drivers, need a little refreshing, even though we don’t think we do. more »»

Electronic stability control to be required

August 27, 2011 In May, 2007, a “Did You Know” article touted the safety benefits of Electronic Stability Control and stated that it was standard equipment on about 40 percent of the 2006 passenger vehicles and... more »»

As drivers, what are we thinking about?

August 13, 2011 As author of the weekly “Did You Know” articles, I listen daily to complaints about other drivers doing stupid thing. more »»

Aggravated unlicensed operation explained

August 6, 2011 Frequently, in the police report of our newspapers, we see arrests for “aggravated unlicensed operation. more »»

New traffic signals must meet warrants

July 30, 2011 With three new traffic signals being installed this summer in the immediate Malone area, we will explain in this article what goes into the determination on whether or not an intersection should be... more »»

How passing and no-passing zones are determined

July 23, 2011 As you drive along our mostly rural two-lane roads, have you ever wondered how the passing and no-passing zones are determined? And, if you are like most drivers, you have likely questioned why... more »»

‘Move over’ laws explained

July 16, 2011 As you drive along a rural two-lane state highway at the allowed 55 mph, such as state Route 30 in Franklin County, you approach a bicyclist riding on the shoulder to the right of the white “fog line. more »»

Time to nationalize Vehicle and Traffic laws

July 9, 2011 A recent “Did You Know” article explained the Federal “Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices,” where signs, signals, pavement markings and other devices used to regulate, warn or guide traffic... more »»

Pedestrians’ rights and responsibilities renewed — again

July 2, 2011 Following a fatal car-pedestrian collision this past winter on Elm Street in Malone, and a recent car-pedestrian collision involving injuries at West Main St and Webster Street in Malone, it is... more »»

Compliance with fire police orders mandatory

June 25, 2011 There have been several incidents recently where motorists have disregarded the orders of Franklin County’s “fire police. more »»

Traffic control devices federally regulated

June 18, 2011 As traffic on your street or road moves along much faster than you think it should, you request a speed reduction along this stretch of the roadway. more »»

Soliciting of motorists on public highways is illegal

June 4, 2011 As vice-chairman of the Franklin County Traffic Safety Board and author of the “Did You Know” articles, I, along with other Board members, are often queried about various vehicle and traffic laws an... more »»

Sign retro-reflectivity requirements upgraded

May 21, 2011 At the April meeting of the Franklin County Traffic Safety Board, the new federal mandates for retroreflectivity were explained to the Board and to a large number of town and village highway... more »»

Line painting and work zone safety

May 14, 2011 At the April meeting of the Franklin County Traffic Safety Board, the new federal mandates for retro-reflectivity were explained to the Board and to a large number of town and village highway... more »»

Drivers must know vehicle’s features

May 7, 2011 As the author of the weekly traffic law and safety articles, I often (probably too often) discuss traffic law and safety with relatives, friends, and most anyone that is willing to do so. more »»

Red light cameras save lives

April 30, 2011 Last week’s traffic safety article identified a serious problem — red light running, which claims hundreds of lives in the US every year and injuries over 100,000. more »»



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