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Opening a vehicle door into traffic

February 19, 2011 Opening your vehicle’s door into traffic is dangerous and also against the law. With snowplow banks encroaching into parking spaces, the danger of this action is compounded. more »»

Close calls a part of driving — or are they?

February 12, 2011 So, you haven’t had an accident (crash) or a traffic ticket in 15 years; therefore, you consider yourself a good driver! Why not? With a driving record like that, how could you be otherwise?... more »»

The high cost of crashes

February 5, 2011 Every day, an average of four New Yorkers die in a traffic-related crash. Every day, about 40 New Yorkers are hospitalized because of a traffic crash. more »»

Violating headlight laws obvious to oncoming drivers

January 29, 2011 Of all the vehicle and traffic laws in New York State, violators are not as obvious to other drivers as are violators of the headlight laws. more »»

Snowmobile checkpoints benefit everyone

January 22, 2011 It is not uncommon to encounter unannounced police checkpoints on our local roads, where enforcement agencies look for proper registration and inspection stickers, seatbelts, drivers under the... more »»

Apply the laws of physics to winter driving

January 15, 2011 (Editor’s note: ‘Safety on the Roads’ normally appears on Page A5 of the Saturday paper. Due to space constraints on that page, it runs on this page toda. more »»

Hit a deer? Here’s what to do

January 8, 2011 We have many rural roads in Franklin County, and thus a lot of deer. And when deer are prevalent, the inevitable is bound to happen — hitting a deer with a motor vehicle. more »»

Slow-moving vehicles: Sharing the road safely

December 24, 2010 At the November, 2010 meeting of the Franklin County Traffic Safety Board, it was noted that there have been a number of recent vehicle collisions with Amish horse-drawn buggies in Franklin and St. more »»

Snowmobile crash data laws reviewed

December 18, 2010 During the 2009-10 snowmobiling season New York State had 14 deaths and 237 people injured from snowmobiling. Franklin County had one fatality and eight people injure. more »»

Putting snow or refuse into street or road is illegal

December 11, 2010 Winter is rapidly approaching, and with it, snow and the need for plowing, shoveling and snow blowing of driveways, sidewalks and parking lot. more »»

Entering intersection for left turn confusing to many

December 4, 2010 You are approaching an intersection controlled by a traffic light that is showing green and you want to turn left at this intersection. However, there is a string of vehicles coming toward you. more »»

Ignition interlock a required part of DWI sentencing

November 13, 2010 New York state has taken another important step to further deter driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Anyone sentenced on or after Aug. more »»

Following too closely: Three-second rule

November 6, 2010 Drivers tailgate for many reasons. Drivers with aggressive or angry personalities, tight schedules or simply the desire to pass can be tailgaters. more »»

Speed adaption: An illusion we must deal with

October 22, 2010 Have you noticed how fast traffic moves when entering our Franklin County villages, where the posted speed limit is 30 mph? Speed measurements show the speed averages in the 40s as vehicles... more »»

Right turn on red getting sloppy locally

October 15, 2010 Since January 1980, all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico, have allowed right turns on red (RTOR), unless a sign otherwise prohibits this. more »»

Challenges to graduated licensing law affects teen drivers

October 8, 2010 Effective Aug. 14 and Sept. more »»

Miscellaneous vehicle and traffic laws

September 18, 2010 Writing Did You Know articles about vehicle and traffic law requires reading through the often boring manual of Vehicle and Traffic Law. more »»

Road safety audits: Making roads safer

September 3, 2010 There’s a new road safety tool making an impact across the nation — road safety audits. This is a program sponsored by the Federal Highway Administratio. more »»

Time to stop calling U.S. Route 11 ‘state Route 11’

August 28, 2010 Throughout the United States, our roads and highways are comprised of local streets and roads (i.e. city and village streets, town roads), county roads, state highways, U.S. more »»



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