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‘Move over’ laws explained

July 16, 2011 As you drive along a rural two-lane state highway at the allowed 55 mph, such as state Route 30 in Franklin County, you approach a bicyclist riding on the shoulder to the right of the white “fog line. more »»

Time to nationalize Vehicle and Traffic laws

July 9, 2011 A recent “Did You Know” article explained the Federal “Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices,” where signs, signals, pavement markings and other devices used to regulate, warn or guide traffic... more »»

Pedestrians’ rights and responsibilities renewed — again

July 2, 2011 Following a fatal car-pedestrian collision this past winter on Elm Street in Malone, and a recent car-pedestrian collision involving injuries at West Main St and Webster Street in Malone, it is... more »»

Compliance with fire police orders mandatory

June 25, 2011 There have been several incidents recently where motorists have disregarded the orders of Franklin County’s “fire police. more »»

Traffic control devices federally regulated

June 18, 2011 As traffic on your street or road moves along much faster than you think it should, you request a speed reduction along this stretch of the roadway. more »»

Soliciting of motorists on public highways is illegal

June 4, 2011 As vice-chairman of the Franklin County Traffic Safety Board and author of the “Did You Know” articles, I, along with other Board members, are often queried about various vehicle and traffic laws an... more »»

Sign retro-reflectivity requirements upgraded

May 21, 2011 At the April meeting of the Franklin County Traffic Safety Board, the new federal mandates for retroreflectivity were explained to the Board and to a large number of town and village highway... more »»

Line painting and work zone safety

May 14, 2011 At the April meeting of the Franklin County Traffic Safety Board, the new federal mandates for retro-reflectivity were explained to the Board and to a large number of town and village highway... more »»

Drivers must know vehicle’s features

May 7, 2011 As the author of the weekly traffic law and safety articles, I often (probably too often) discuss traffic law and safety with relatives, friends, and most anyone that is willing to do so. more »»

Red light cameras save lives

April 30, 2011 Last week’s traffic safety article identified a serious problem — red light running, which claims hundreds of lives in the US every year and injuries over 100,000. more »»

Red light running skills

April 23, 2011 Unless you just got your driver’s license, every driver has gone through a red light at some time. When we do, we usually run the red light on purpose. more »»

Sharing the road with bicycles and in-line skaters

April 16, 2011 After a long winter, it’s time for biking and gliding again. Every year there are new bicyclists, and they may not know all the vehicle and traffic laws that apply. more »»

Public wants safer drivers, but we still take risks

April 9, 2011 “Do as I say, not as I do!” If there ever was a phrase or saying that is applicable to today’s driver, this is it. more »»

Test your vehicle and traffic law IQ answers

April 2, 2011 Last week’s traffic safety article listed 20 questions to test your knowledge of vehicle and traffic (V&T) law and safety. Today, we present the answers. more »»

Test your Vehicle and Traffic Law IQ

March 26, 2011 In writing the weekly articles on Vehicle and Traffic Law and traffic safety, I get many questions relating to the rules and regulations of day-to-day driving. more »»

Enhanced drivers license — a smart way to travel

March 19, 2011 Living in upstate New York has many advantages, including a short jaunt to Canada for lunch, shopping or entertainment. more »»

Walking in the street

March 12, 2011 In February, a tragic car/pedestrian collision occurred in the village of Malone. The pedestrian died from severe head trauma. more »»

Suspension or revocation of license sometimes mandatory

March 5, 2011 Last week we discussed the point system in New York State. Today, we review the situations that require suspension or revocation of your license. more »»

Point system reviewed

February 26, 2011 Effective Feb. 16, 2011, two points will be charged against your driving record for a violation of using a hand-held cell phone. more »»

Opening a vehicle door into traffic

February 19, 2011 Opening your vehicle’s door into traffic is dangerous and also against the law. With snowplow banks encroaching into parking spaces, the danger of this action is compounded. more »»



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