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The breaks of the game

July 8, 2011 How do we know what’s going on in the world? How do we know the true shape of our economy, or the situation in Afghanistan, or what politicians believe versus what they say? The answer’s simple: We... more »»

Tykes, trikes and bikes

July 1, 2011 There comes a time in every male child’s life when The Great Cosmic Truth of Post-Toddlerhood dawns on him: He is no longer a baby. Now he is a boy, spelled B-O-Y. more »»

Having second thoughts

June 24, 2011 Something that amazes me: After people master a skill, almost immediately they forget how hard it’d been. For example, tying your shoelaces. more »»

Takes on mistakes

June 17, 2011 Fairly often, someone’ll tell me they’ve got a bunch of great ideas I should write about. And almost inevitably, I never write about any of them. more »»

Alas, poor Jorik

June 10, 2011 In the navy I was a Morse code intercept operator, in what was designated The Naval Security Group. The “security” referred to two things. more »»

Plane crazy

June 8, 2011 It’s a simple fact of life that the older you get, the less able you are to keep track of the passage of time. more »»

Plane crazy

June 3, 2011 It’s a simple fact of life that the older you get, the less able you are to keep track of the passage of time. more »»

Brother Hal

May 27, 2011 It was inevitable I’d meet Hal Wilson. For one thing, his dorm room was next to mine. more »»

When justice had 20-20 vision

May 20, 2011 Let’s face it: Lots of people don’t like or trust cops. It’s almost a primal thing. more »»

Dash with a splash of class

May 13, 2011 At my age, staying in shape is a full-time job. But getting back in shape after a long layoff, especially by running, is less a job than an auto da fe. more »»

Making a splash with math

May 6, 2011 People use the label “spiritual” so loosely, I’ve no idea what it means. Believers of old-time religion consider themselves spiritual, as do new-age believers. more »»


April 29, 2011 In my youth, Petrova School was a K through 12. I went to kindergarten at the Broadway school (now a skanky lot next to the E&M Market), so I spent a mere 12 years at Petrova. more »»


April 22, 2011 Tuesday morning I woke up feeling something I hadn’t since childhood — rested, refreshed and renewed. more »»

Undercover runner

April 15, 2011 I started running 42 years ago this week, and I did it for only one reason — to survive boot camp, which was only two weeks away. more »»

A real Lulu

April 8, 2011 A lot of people complain their dog isn’t smart enough. And when they do, all I think is, Be careful what you wish fo. more »»

The last word

April 1, 2011 Last weekend, I was in Vermont. Sunday morning, on a whim, I checked the ADE website and saw a funeral announcement that immediately made me leave for home. It was for Janet Decker. more »»

Cookin’ with gas

March 25, 2011 When thinking about The Good Old Days, everyone my age remembers one thing that wasn’t the least bit good. In fact, it was horrible. It was the dentistry. more »»

Breaking the fever

March 18, 2011 College spring break — you hear that, and what do you think of? I’ll tell you: fun in the sun, white sand beaches, beers, bikinis, beads, party hearty till the wee hours and all sorts of other... more »»

Snow job

March 11, 2011 When the telephone first rang, I was in the middle of a dream. Sheryl Crow and I were snuggling on the white sand beach of a tropical paradise — Tahiti, maybe. more »»


March 4, 2011 Almost always, I prefer the old to the new: old fashions, old houses, old machines, old music. I’ve been like that as long as I can remember. more »»



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