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On (and off) the beach

August 26, 2016 A word I’ve always been intrigued by is “nepotism,” perhaps because of its etymology. It comes from the Italian word “nipote,” which means “nephew,” and it means to give privileges to your relative. more »»

The service there’s nothing civil about

August 19, 2016 At the end of my second semester in college, the administration showed more sense than I had all year by telling me to take some time off from academe —?like a decade or tw. more »»

Olga who?

August 12, 2016 I’ve never been a political animal, mostly because I hate arguments, which politics seems to mostly, if not entirely, consist of. more »»

The con in connoisseurship

August 5, 2016 Whenever I walk the streets of My Home Town, it’s Two-for-One Day ... just not in the typical sense. Simply put, almost every business I see reminds me of the business that was there before. more »»


July 29, 2016 America has clearly become a nation of experts. more »»

The print and the pauper

July 22, 2016 I see the sign in front of the library that proclaims Come to the Fair is just around the corner. That sale and I go way back — back to its beginning ... and almost back to mine. more »»

The more things change ...

July 15, 2016 I’ve always admired people with mechanical skills, mostly because I have none. That said, over the years I learned a few things about about mechanics. It was due to two things. more »»

Between the Dope and the deep blue sea

July 8, 2016 As far back as I can remember, I loved to learn new things. Sadly for my public school transcript, almost none of them were presented in the classroom. more »»

Give me liberty! Period.

July 1, 2016 I’m always amazed by people who remember anniversaries. more »»

The pride of the Yankees

June 24, 2016 It seems everyone but me loves to watch professional sports. Certainly, the athletics are the world’s best, but all too often the athletes’ behaviors are the world’s worst. more »»

A black and white issue

June 17, 2016 In almost all realms of my life, my attention to detail runs the gamut from lax to downright nonexistent. But there’s one area about which I’ve always been scrupulous — drivin. more »»

Eyes — and ears — on the prize

June 10, 2016 Monday morning, I picked up the phone after the first ring and said hello. “It’s Pat Brown,” a voice said. “You’re number fourteen. Penny Curran will call at six. Be there. Good luck. more »»

Comic belief

June 3, 2016 I first heard of Esperanto as a pre-teen when it somehow came up in a conversation with my mother. more »»

Thanks, Microsoft ... for nothin!

May 27, 2016 Early in the week I cranked up my computer when — lo and behold — a note appeared from my cyberpals at Microsoft. They told me I was now ready to update my software to Windows 10. more »»

Some will be bluebirds … others will be vultures

May 20, 2016 The question of the day: What does it take to become proficient in an art? Well, that depends of course on which art and what degree of proficiency we’re talking about. more »»

Cruisin’ for a bruisin’

May 13, 2016 When I was in Holland a few weeks ago, I had a rare pleasure — I rode a bike. "How can that be rare?" you ask. After all, I ride a bike here all the time. True enough. more »»

Frozen in time … and every other which way

May 6, 2016 Last week I had the privilege of traveling in Europe with my mishpocha. We spent a week in Spain, then an additional three days in Holland. Everything went swimmingl. more »»

Sole brother number one

April 22, 2016 One sign we’re passengers on a rudderless ship of state is the number of books on leadership being churned out year after year. more »»

Bubbled ice, befogged goalies, and the breaks of the game

April 15, 2016 Though I always liked to play sports, the sad truth is I wasn’t much of an athlete. And it’s probably no coincidence that any team I was on had a less than stellar recor. more »»

Remember the Mein!

April 8, 2016 If you were in a diner in ancient Rome, eavesdropping on the next table, you might’ve heard someone say, “De gustibus non disputandem est. more »»

Flying anytime soon? If so, BYOBB

April 1, 2016 For the most part, change is gradual. And if things change slowly enough, we adjust easily to them, provided we notice them at all. This is surely the case with airline travel. more »»



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