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What great leaders...

September 6, 2010 - John Stack

 I ran into Peter Crowley the other day at the final Thursday night fun run. I asked him how things were at the paper. He said things were real busy because of all of the recent news events. Was he ever right. While Peter concentrates locally, nationally has been a ball.

                How about Fox News and their constant anti-Mosque campaign. In trying to make their news division seem competent, they pulled out a saying from over 35 years ago ‘Follow the money’. This is in reference to following who it is that is funding the Islamic Cultural Center 2 blocks from Ground Zero (a mosque is all ready there). OK! We’ll follow the money… The MSM ( Main stream media) seemingly can’t connect the dots, and obviously Fox must be part of this incompetence because – and this is so funny it’s hard to right and not cry with tears of laughter. Turns out, one of the main contributors to the ‘Mosque’ is none other than Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, one of the largest shareholders in Fox News! Al-Waheed owns 7 percent of Fox, the 2nd largest shareholder, to the tune of over $2 billion. In turn, Fox News Corp owns a 9% (with an option for double that)stake in Al-Waheed’s Rotana, a Saudi media conglomerate! Al-Waleed has also donated over a half million dollars to the Council on American-Islamist Relations, a favorite target of Fox News’ anti-muslim rhetoric. I guess ‘Fair and Balanced’ means they will even throw their number 2 stakeholder under the bus in the name of fear mongering.

                How about good old Ken Mehlman? The former Republican National Committee chairman between 2005 and 2007? He just came out as being gay. Yeah, he headed the same organization that leads the US in anti-gay rights initiatives, and he’s gay himself. While spending a lot of his time appealing to Republicans to stop gay marriage, he now wants to advocate FOR gay marriage!! In less shocking news, cat marries dog, Bush daughter goes on welfare , Wayne LaPierre claims ‘Yes, guns do kill people’ and Jesse Jackson says we must not let the Bush tax cuts expire.

                The GOP has found a great partner for Sarah Palin. Though not as young or cute as Sarah, Sharon Angle holds many of the same beliefs and propensity to completely misunderstand issues. This past week, Sharon Angle, running for Harry Reid’s seat in the Senate decided that unemployment benefits need to be stopped because the beneficiaries are ‘spoiled’. Obviously, everyone who is unemployed is unemployed because of their own incompetence. And of course, all those people out there are living high on the hog on their $300-$400 a week unemployment checks. There are of course so many high paying jobs out there, if these spoiled brats just walked down the street, they could land a $55K job just by wearing a clean pressed shirt. Of course when hotels, restaurants and a host of other service oriented businesses lay off people because the economy has crippled them, the unemployed prefer staying home – or in a homeless shelter – watching Oprah rather than working. But Sharon doesn’t stop there. Back in 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina she said she would have stood on the senate floor and voted against the emergency Katrina funds. The same bill that was passed unanimously by the senate – which at the time had  55-45 control of the senate. Well, lets see what happens if she upsets read. How about giving some new tax abatement to BP or exempting them from certain oil well safety measures? Maybe she can join fellow kook Joe Barton in apologizing to BP for seemingly the US government.





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