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Dislike of the Palin Pick is Patriotic

October 24, 2008 - John Stack

Why do I mock Sarah Palin? Because McCain choosing her as a running mate is a national joke. An embarrassment. What does she bring to the ticket? A poster on this blog asked ‘What does Joe Biden bring to the ticket?”. Lets see, he has served as a senator for 36 years. That would be enough for me. He got his bachelor’s degree with a double major history and political science., Then he got his Juris Doctor from Syracuse law. He is the chairman of the US Foreign Relations committee. He has served a long time on the US Senate Committee for the Judiciary. To me, that pretty much tells me he has the intelligence, leadership and experience to be VP or POTUS. Does Biden bring pizzazz to the ticket like Palin? No. Does he draw people to the ticket? Not really. Does he scare people away from the ticket? No. People trust that he has the knowledge, experience and leadership skills needed if called upon. People may call him a windbag, prone to gaffes and may disagree with his politics. But none of this disqualifies him in any way, looked at from an unbiased perspective.

            What does Palin bring to the ticket? Other than a pretty face and ability to draw crowds, not much else.  All of 200,000 people voted in the 2006 Alaskan Governors race and she received just over 99,000 votes. Members of the NYS Senate get half that voting in an election! Palin got between 400  and 500 votes when she was mayor of Wassilla. She bounced around to 4 different colleges. What has she done as Governor of Alaska? She has fought hard for earmarks, that much is true. The famous ‘Bridge to Nowhere’? She was for it, lied and said she was against it, but still kept the hundreds of millions for other projects.

            Why do people dislike her so? I don’t think people dislike Sarah Palin so much as they don’t like the McCain campaign claiming she is the most qualified candidate, when a FEMALE who rides next to her on campaign trips, Carly Fiorina is unquestionably better suited for everything needed in a VP or president.

 Americans aren’t stupid. We recognize all she does is spout out talking points. Americans don’t trust that she understands enough of the US economic, political and social problems. We don’t think someone should learn this stuff on the job.

No, I don’t hate Sarah Palin. For anyone to make it as Governor of any state is impressive. Then again, winning an Assembly seat here in NY is also as impressive as winning Governor of Alaska. Heck, Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura won the Governorship of Minnesota. Hey! There is another candidate more prepared than Sarah Palin that the McCain campaign skipped over!

What does Sarah Palin bring to this campaign that is germane to the office of Vice president of the United States? Nearly nothing.

I’m also starting a pool. How soon do the Conservative talking heads start trashing Sarah Palin after the GOP loses bad? My guess is that the big man Rush himself starts blasting her election night, or Wednesday at the latest. Bill O’Reilly? 2 days later. The only tough call is Sean Hannity. He seems to really like her, plus, he may have her as a co-worker soon, and he knows she’ll bring in viewers.

And Letsroll? When Barry is elected president in 10 days, if he pardons any of his Chicago buddies from your loony right wing conspiracy, I will jump in the pond, in February,  at my family’s Salisbury compound.


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