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The Grand Oil Party

June 25, 2010 - John Stack

All we seem to hear from the Tea Party and the conservative Right is that our elected representatives aren’t really representing their constituents’ desires. I beg to differ. Isn’t Big Oil a constituent? Don’t they also rely upon the decisions of politicians for their business? Rep Joe Barton (R, Petrol TX) is surely doing his best to help out his constituents, especially those that make their money in the oil fields of Texas. Joe responded to the $20 Billion escrow fund that Obama got BP to agree to. He called it a ‘Chicago style ‘shake down’’. He then apologized to Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP for this. The idiotic talking heads had come up with a new moniker for Obama – ‘No Drama Obama’ as if somehow W’s argumentative speeches when things didn’t go his way were somehow more ‘Presidential’ . Now, Obama has done something (with ‘no drama) convinced a CEO of one of the largest oil companies in the world to compensate Americans with up to $20 billion. Is the $20 Billion worth less now because he didn’t yell and scream and get worked up on camera? Joe Barton says this was some Chicago ‘shake down’. I doubt Obama got a group of BP Shareholders around a circular table and walked around the outside with a baseball bat – a la Al Capone. Rather than apologize, Barton should have stood up and applauded Obama for winning such a concession over this disaster. But I guess his overlords at Oil Central needed to show they still have power. Come to think of it, Joe Barton looks like one of those caricatures of powerful people in Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’. BP isn’t even an American company (The B in BP doesn’t stand for Boston), is the cause of the worst ecological disaster in this hemisphere, has continually misrepresented or obfuscated the truth  about just about everything relating to the spill, caused billions in damages and thousands of lifes ruined, and he is apologing to THEM. Do you really wonder who butters his bread?

How about America’s sweetheart Sarah ‘drill baby drill’ Palin? Of course her husband worked for BP for 15 years. She now says we have to get back to drilling in the Gulf as soon as possible. Of course in misunderstanding or completely misrepresenting the facts, she said ‘We need to keep drilling because if we don't drill for a year, we're going to be more and more reliant on foreign countries’.First, the moratorium was for only 6 months, and not a year (like a term of office is4 years. Or 3 or something like that). 33 rigs have been stalled, (there are over 3300 oil and gas platforms operating in the Gulf) but rigs all ready producing oil haven’t been affected.  And, Obama’s moratorium on new drilling was for the government was to check out what can be done to prevent a further disaster like this for just 6 months. Palin says we can start drilling today, we just need to make sure we have government workers there to monitor and make sure they are doing everything according to Hoyle. Yeah ‘Sarah ‘Tea Party’ Palin says we need to regulate even more, and that big business cannot be trusted to put anything other than their bottom line at the top of their priorities. Of course, the Winker is too busy bashing Obama and blaming him for everything from athlete’s foot to the Icelandic volcano eruption to recognize she just chastised Obama for not being socialist enough for her tastes. Of course, to bolster her case, she claims as an Alaskan, she has learned first hand about how to respond to an oil based disaster. She didn’t mention that she learned that crude oil is a great suntan lotion and that Palmolive is great for getting oil out of an egret’s feathers. I also wonder if she also learned anything by refusing to ask Alaska’s own ethics board if her legal defense fund was legal? (the fund wasn’t legal)

How about the judge in the case that threw out Obama’s moratorium on new oil drilling in the Gulf. The judge used populist tomes like ‘…simply cannot justify the immeasurable effect on the plaintiffs, the local economy, the Gulf region and the critical present-day aspect of the availability of domestic energy in this country. ‘  I wonder if a lawyer for an oil company actually wrote the opinion for Judge Feldman?  Seeing that the moratorium was on drilling in the gulf, and not pumping or producing oil’ there is actually no less oil coming from the Gulf. Also, with all the oil that has so far been gushed into the ocean, American use more than 10 times as much gasoline PER DAY than has been lost at sea so far. Somehow I guess fishing, swimming, tourism are not vital to the people of the Gulf Coast. But besides that, what do you suppose was in his latest financial filings? His investments include companies involved in offshore oil and gas exploration, including deep-water rig owner Transocean, shallow-water drillers Hercules and Rowan, and international rig and tool provider Parker Drilling. How does this guy NOT recuse himself from such a case? How can he possibly be seen as impartial? But, at least we know he is doing what his constituents (albeit a very small percent of his constituents – oil well drilling type companies) want him to do. (This is even though he was appointed and has been a federal judge for over 25 years!). Where is all the outcry about legislating from the bench and activist judges? Wait- hold on, my friend Slats Grobnick just told me that an activist judge or a judge who legislates from the bench can only be a Democrat. Any Republican judge can do what they want. They are exempt. Thanks Slats. Tell Mike I miss him.

And that’s just this week! I didn’t even mention W’s liaisons with Big Oil, or Dick Cheney’s bold faced contempt for anything resembling ethical standards when it came to the oil industry. This is who ya got, Tea Partiers – a bunch of conservatives who eat at the trough of Big Oil in ways that make teachers unions and organized labor salivate over that type of power. Plus one leader of your party (the Winker from Wasilla) who is actually promoting greater government costs in interference.




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