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Tea Party Where are you!!

May 24, 2010 - John Stack

Nowadays, anything politically related seems to have some ramification about Tea Partyers.  If an incumbent is beat, or the party bosses’ candidate loses, the Tea Party is flexing its muscles.  This is what I think most people want to see out of the Tea Party. Then, when an incumbent does win, the atory is that the Tea Party had no effect. I do really question how much power the Tea Party itself really has. I think the Tea Party as a true grass roots movement is true – and I believe, as the Original Boston Tea Partyers believed- that the voters are not getting the representation they had expected. But, I think some groups have been using the Tea Partyers as their own pawns. When the ‘Club for Growth’ one of the most powerful and well funded groups in American politics throws millions behind a so-called Tea Partyer , only a neophyte or blind voter doesn’t see that the Tea Party was just being used. Club for Growth is really Ultra-conservative in every way. They share some sentiments with the Tea Party, but mostly are using the Tea Party to scam more voters to come to their side.

                But, much of the Tea Party really only has itself to blame. Who is the most visible Tea Party advocate? The most loud, unrepentant, discombobulated, winking ‘leader’ of these amorphous groups? I am of course speaking of Sarah Palin. Every week, if not every day she seems to come up with a new reason for every Tea Partyer or true Republican or true conservative to cringe and flinch. And of course, those on the left guffawing, and at the same time shaking their heads and wondering what educational system produced millions of people to follow this dingbat populist? From the simply absurd statements such as saying president Obama would confiscate all guns in America if he could. But, the political climate and will isn’t there, so he doesn’t do it. Of course her writing skills put to use in ‘Going Rogue’ made Ann Coulter seem like a perennial Pulitzer candidate. And currently, in remarks that seemingly only people with stock in oil companies, she has been beating her ‘Drill Baby Drill’ drum – for more offshore drilling in the Gulf. Now, Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Liberal, how does this jive with any of our beliefs? We aren’t talking about a bunch of seagull hugging liberal environmentalists who think we need to step back a little on this offshore drilling. What about the hundreds of millions of dollars lost every day just to fishermen who work in the gulf? Not exactly a culture of liberal elite there. How about the owners of multimillion dollar hotels on Gulf Coast beaches? How about all the workers in those hotels? How about all the other secondary jobs and businesses that rely on the beaches as tourist dollar draws? How about airlines who depend on people wanting to fly to the Gulf for these beaches? They are all ready struggling, they didn’t need another economic crisis, this one caused by an environmental disaster. So, who was it in her crowds that cheer this poorly educated backwoods  winker when she continues to fight for more offshore drilling – the sooner the better? Who on Earth follows her on this?

                My brother’s favorite phrase is ‘Throw Them All Out!’. Sometimes, I feel that I can’t disagree with him, at least on principle. When it comes to the New York Senate, I can’t seem to find a reason to disagree . Not that the Assembly is much better. I often argue that experience is a poor reason to vote for someone. The NYS Senate is the perfect example. It’s BECAUSE of their experience, they know how to job the system and their experience is a big part of the problem.  But, many of the supposed challengers are such wing nuts, we can’t turn the asylum over to them.  Tell me the state GOP didn’t get Levy to switch parties just so they wouldn’t have to have one of their own sacrificed to the Cuomo machine? Then there is Rick Lazio redux. Last time we heard about Rick was when he acted like a whiny schoolboy in the race for Senator with Hillary Clinton who subsequently kicked his ass in the Senate race. This time, he is setting himself up for another butt whipping by a political family member, Andrew Cuomo. His list of items he ‘supports’ is the typical laundry list that can never get done – move state retirement to 62, make state workers pay into pension for life, give governor ability to renegotiate contracts in the middle of a contract, a governor having ability to gain ‘super – powers’ if he declares an economic emergency. Now, some of these ideas may actually be valid. But the Islanders have a better chance of winning the Stanley Cup before any of these ideas actually have a chance as good as a nesting Louisiana Brown Pelican.

                So, Tea Partyers – please keep throwing out the entrenched incumbents, but PLEEEEASE! We need viable candidates to actually take their places!!!


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