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GOP- Increase the State Budget!!! (what???)

March 12, 2010 - John Stack

 The Republicans in the New York State Senate have come up with a real whopper. They have announced a new initiative called the ‘Homeowner and Property Tax Rebate Act’. Of course, most New Yorkers are not happy about how high their property taxes have gotten. Some real reform is needed. In the past, I have been for tax caps (if implemented correctly, not as a blunt instrument) as well as for the circuit breaker bill. The circuit breaker is part of this bill. The circuit breaker would help out those who are paying a high portion of their income to property taxes. The ‘rebate’ would be just sending money to people in the mail. Hey, who doesn’t like free money in the mail? Except of course there is no such thing as free money (unless you are in the NAC school district where administrators keep touting ‘free money’ to get their improvements to the school passed).

                Our state is in the hole for what $6 billion? $9 billion? And structural problems say the multiyear forecast is for NY being short over 20 billion in the next few years. All we’ve heard (rightfully so) over the last year is that we need to lower taxes and lower SPENDING. Pure and simple, this is MORE SPENDING. But this is not some populist Democratic scheme to just raise our budget. It is being touted by the Republicans! Our supposed fiscal watchdogs! The budget hawks! Lets add another $2.6 BILLION to an all ready bloated NYS budget. Oh, but not so fast say the proponents. They claim that their tax caps and such will more than pay for their largesse. Shady accounting aside, how about we implement the cost savings plans and not spend every penny that is supposedly saved? This is one of the problems in NYS. Even when they follow ‘PayGo’ they are still spending more money! We want them to spend LESS! It of course has some populist appeal, but it solves absolutely no problems, and this is the worst possible time to be adding more to the budget. Where are the TEA Partyers and Conservatives looking out for this! Conservative mantra – lower taxes, less spending. TEA Party mantra – Taxed Enough Allready. I don’t see where with rplatform says ‘spend another 2.6 billion on the state budget’. Republicans/Conservatives and Tea Partyers alike have been universally against Obama’s ‘stimulus plan’ because to them its just ‘handing out free money’ and increasing our debt/budget.  How is this different? For years, it was obvious the rebate check was more of a vote buying scheme when they arrived just weeks before the elections. Hopefully this year, voters will be smarter and recognize this for the vote buying populist scam that it is.


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