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Just Talking Politics

March 1, 2010 - John Stack

My friend Jason had his first novel published last fall – ’42 Unanswered Points’. He then said he wanted to write a non-fiction book. He would interview childhood friends or siblings on their respective political points of view. Why would 2 brothers with the exact same upbringing have near opposite political points of view? This got me to thinking. My brother and I seemingly have opposite political points of view. With me being ‘left of center’ and him ‘right of center’. Both of us can’t seem to identify with our official political affiliations of Democrat and Republican, as both seem to have been completely co-opted by the fringes, and at the State and Federal level, there seems to be no room for dissent within the ranks. I’m a gun rights guy with support for gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose. Why should these be mutually exclusive? Why does a party have to define what MY views are? This got me thinking. I all ready have this (mostly political) blog but it presents only my point of view. Why not have a political show? I thought I could tape it in my basement, and then put it on the web or something. But, living in this small town, and people have jobs and such that preclude them from making an official stand on some things, I had to look elsewhere.

            Technology has come a long way. Back in the early 70’s (late 60’s?) Maxwell Smart had an advanced ‘shoe phone’. And Dick Tracy had a ‘wrist radio’. Now, these are relics. My brother spends half his day doing work using Skype. And, my brother, who I love dearly and rely on him for advice, is one of the smartest people I know, who loves to argue (friendly) with me about politics. Lets go the next step! So, we decided to have an internet chat political talk show. We both use our webcams, and tape what we do online, then I could edit it all together. I use my video camera to tape it for better resolution, and soon he will too. A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. My buddy Jay (see book above) was to be on the show too (another right wing nut) but couldn’t. Then, my brother Bill and I had a dry run of the show. We argued one or 2 points. Then, we spent 20 minutes trying to figure out where we disagreed. 85% of the time, we agreed on political topics. I believe we both are not social conservatives. We have some disagreements, but mostly on tax and monetary policy and the role of the government in our lives (what I see as the major difference in the parties). Then, we taped a show back in November. Being my first foray into video editing, it took me forever to edit the show. We taped a second show, this time with Bill, me and a friend from college, Kathy ( a true liberal working as a social worker in New Jersey). The video of this wasn’t so great (Kathy looks like she’s in a cave with a dirty window we are looking in). I am learning, and getting better and faster at editing. It wasn’t easy when both the files they sent didn’t contain audio, and I had to rely on my audio from my camera of them.We did a third show, and I am still editing that (so much for my speed!)

            Then, it was a struggle to get the right media over to Ricky Knapton at Time Warner Cable. As this was happening, TWC was switching over  a bunch of technology for Public Access ( I think he was still using a reel to reel, but that’s just rumor). Plus, we had the Olympics, and hockey and the Winter Carnival. Bu, it all comes to fruition today! My first show from November 2009 is being played today at 3,7,9 and 11 on TWC channel 2. The show is titled ‘Just Talking Politics’.Soon, the second one will go up, which was taped in late December. I will get the latest which was in January to him soon. Unfortunately, a bit of the stuff is dated, because politics move a lot faster than I can edit and burn DVDs for Ricky.

I don’t claim to be any great commentator , and I’m not Spielberg for editing, but I hope you watch and enjoy my show for what it is. All are free and encouraged to comment or send me ideas for future shows. Plus, anyone who has a craving for political talk, maybe I can get you on a future show! Happy viewing!


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