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February 25, 2010 - John Stack
I guess the party of NO didn’t recognize what they were getting in Scott Brown or the Tea Partyers. As (again) the GOP tried to filibuster a Democrat (and somewhat bipartisan) bill, Scott Brown stood up and voted against the filibuster! Maybe he needs some indoctrination education, eh?
            I can’t wait for the next presidential election cycle. If only to have another year of anticipation of Sarah Palin’s next inane utterance, and the lemmings that see her as the oracle. Her latest is to take Rahm Emanuel to task for using the word ‘retard’ in a private conversation. She is demanding that the WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF resign for using a term she objects to. Exactly what would that accomplish? Here is Rahm Emanuel at a press conference “Today, I have chosen to resign my position as I used a term that was offensive to Sarah Palin. I can’t go on knowing she is upset about this, and I cannot fulfill my duties with this stain. I mean, I can understand lying to a federal grand jury about a covert CIA agent, or outing such agent. Or firing of lawyers for not being political enough. That’s small potatoes. Plus, Rush Limbaugh was able to use the term, but I’m told Sarah Palin considered Rush calling liberals retards an acceptable form of satire. As with all politics, its only bad if someone from the other party says it.
            On the good side, the Olympics have been great. Andrew Weibrecht took a bronze in a sport most of us have at least tried and care about. Bode finally got his gold (and silver and bronze) in his first Olympics where there were no expectations. The US beat the Canadians at hockey , in what I don’t think is such a great upset at the Canadian apologists claim. Hey! The US is in the hockey medal round! It wasn’t a fluke! Watching the women’s bobsled last night was about true sport. The US got a bronze and they were ecstatic. The Canucks got gold and silver – and were unabashedly elated. It was a welcome sight after the whinings of Nancy Kerrigan and the like who only care when they are the best, and even then, as a coronation.
            The Plattsburgh girls hockey team just doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. Again, they are ranked number one in the nation in Div 3. Still, no one goes to their games. I am also to blame, as I only went to one college game this year, and it was in Potsdam (my alma mater) against Plattsburgh. I had to boo the home ice when, rather than come out with a Zamboni, they had an Olympia! The same type as those that ruined the ice and broke down for the speed skaters. (Plus, I gotta represent for my favorite band, The Zambonis). Speaking of the Zambonis, the Chevastack production crew is hard at work on a documentary of this awesome band. Like Gretzky is roundly acknowledged as the greatest hockey player ever, the Zambonis are hands down the greatest hockey band in the world. I went down last week to meet some of them, and they are the best group of guys you ever want to meet.
            As the ADE would say, a ‘valley’ would be Obama’s tiptoeing about ‘don’t ask/don’t tell’ as well as gay marriage. He was voted in on a platform, a mandate, to fix these two laws as well as others. It sure is easier to be a candidate than the President. (Although that may have not been so for W – he would just ask ‘What should I do, Dick (Cheney)?)
            I don’t often write about local politics, but… Revcently, a couple village candidates blasted Clyde Rabideau over his plans for sludge reclamation. Now, I am glad the candidates are actually taking positions on topics, but the sludge throwing was too much. Why? Well, the expert analysis done by the candidates (of the party of NO) seemed to come exclusively from an old Press Republican story. A project they claim could cost 800,000 to 1.2 million plus even more yearly costs than current, and they don’t even research what type of method is being discussed or the scope of the project, but seem to just want to attach something completely unrelated from when Clyde was mayor in Plattsburgh? Its like screaming to ban cars because they read somewhere that a person had been killed by someone else driving a car. I don’t know any of the candidates. I once met Clyde for 5 minutes 5 years ago at a Halloween party. But I in good conscience can’t vote for people who are so fast and loose with the economic facts, especially when my village tax bill is approximately what my town, county and school taxes are COMBINED!
            Mountain? For ORDA helping out all our local Olympians and doing all they can to support them. Valley – how many people knew the Olympic cauldron was burning last week? I came home from Connecticut Saturday nite passing the show grounds, and lo and behold, the torch was burning. I stopped (as well as seemingly a few dozen others who stopped to view and photograph the torch) and videoed and photographed it too. I wish there had been more publicity about this (then again, the Vancouver Olymoic Committee somehow didn’t recognize that fans wouldn’t be happy with the restrictions placed on the torch, of which until recently couldn’t even be viewed unobstructedly by the public).
            Finally, the Stanley Cup was in Placid last weekend. Yeah, the most famous iconic trophy in sport. The holy grail of hockey. I read about it Monday after it left Sunday. My hockey-addicted friends also didn’t know. This is a hockey area, and it wasn’t better publicized? The last time I was this close to the Coupe De Stanley was 15 years ago taking a summer class in Ithaca. A Cornell hockey player was on the cup winning team, and had it at a bar. He had it there about an hour and I missed out then. I guess some time in my life I will see it live. Until then, I can only hope our paths cross serendipitously and one of the top 10 on my bucket list will be crossed off.


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