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De Nile isn't just a river in Egypt

November 5, 2009 - John Stack


For some reason, a lot of the post election pundits have been decrying the lackluster showing by democrats and the seeming inability of ‘rock star’ Obama to swing races for them. In today’s Daily News, Errol Louis writes about how ‘In 2009, its clear the President’s charisma cannot salvage the lackluster Dems’ In yesterday’s NY Post, right wing mouthpiece Charles Hurt wrote in a column titled ‘Messiah prez hardly looks like a savior just 1 year later ‘So this is the post partisan politics Obama promised. ..He is utterly powerless to getting other Democrats elected’ He goes on, as other articles have, showing how areas in Virginia and New jersey that went for Obama in the presidential race went for the Republicans this time. I might have missed the memo. Was Obama running again? Anyone as Governor of New Jersey would have been thrown out. Corzine didn’t stand a chance. NJ taxes are through the roof. Corzine hasn’t had the political backbone to do a thing about it. And he paid the price. There was no saving him. But, he was a political incumbent. He had a record that said he couldn’t get the job done. Now, Chris Christie has both the job he wants, and one of the worst jobs he could have. Getting all the entrenched interests in Jersey back on track and fiscally solvent.

            How about the only national race? Upstate NY had the only congressional race contested. The 23rd district is one of the most conservative districts in the country. The GOP/Conservative hold something like a 15% advantage in registered voters. Winning this election by 10 percent is considered embarrassing. Since 1996, the GOP had garnered this seat with no less than 60 percent of the vote! How can this not be considered a thrashing defeat?  In the 20th, Kirsten Gillibrand crushed Sandy Treadwell, then newcomer Scott Murphy won in the very conservative district. How is this some showing that the Democrats are somehow losing their touch with voters? I’m thinking there is another party losing touch with voters.

            There are 435 seats in the US House of Representatives. Of these 358 are elected reps from districts that are a majority leaning their way. Ie – in these areas, the republican leaning districts have a republican Congressman and vice versa. But, there are 69 Republican leaning districts represented by Democrats, and only 8 Democratic leaning areas represented by the GOP. These are facts, and the numbers continue to go in only one way. Of course the GOP and Conservatives continue to seemingly crow that somehow Obama can’t keep up the goodwill and help out blah blah blah. They seem to sound like a Philadelphia Phillie player trying to convince teammates last night with 2 outs in the ninth that they had the Yankees right where they wanted them.

            But back to the 23rd. The 23rd had a huge amount of national attention. Many big hitters in the GOP and Conservative parties put in big with Hoffman. With a very Conservative candidate, in a very Conservative district, with a very disgruntled bas eof taxpayers, tons of money flowing in for the right, they still lost the seat to a liberal Democrat. Then, the Conservative Party chairman (Michael Long) is lambasting the state GOP leaders for losing the election. GOP leaders are lambasting their picked candidate Scozzafava for endorsing a Democrat after they all abandoned her, and other local GOP leaders (Paul Maroun et all) raging at Janet Duprey for ‘orchestrating’ Dede Scozzafave being picked. Then Hoffman himself showing little class in bashing Dede Scozzafava -after she had withdrawn and the race was over – calling her an ultra liberal and claiming he was the ‘real republican’ in the race.

            New York State Republican chairman Edward Cox did his best imitation of Kevin Bacon in Animal House where the streets of Faber are rioting and he’s jumping up and down screaming ‘All is Well!’ when he said "We are very, very relevant and we are coming back because we offer a better vision of our states and America". Maybe its time the GOP stops blaming their own party and starts blaming the voters for turning their back on the party. Maybe then they will realize just how out of touch they are. Then they may have a chance at a comeback (not that I’m wishing them good health any time soon).


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