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My baby's back

July 7, 2009 - John Stack
Well, my sweetheart Sarah is back in the news. My winker from Wassila has decided to call it quits half way through her 1st term as governor of Alaska. I did sign up just a few minutes ago to her Twitter account. I wouldn’t want to miss anything Winker related. But, we’ll probably be hearing a lot more from her soon. When will she show up on FoxNews as a correspondent/blowhard/holier-than-thou pundit? Man, Sean Hannity builds a tent every time a word even sounds like Palin – hailin’, whalin’,nailin’, bailin’. I’ve been reading some of the blog responders about Sarah. If I had people like that as my followers, I’d have to rethink if I was on the right track. Seemingly 99% of the bloggers seem to believe that everyone who doesn’t like Guv Palin is a pro-aborter, Jew, American hater, liberal socialist fascist. Hmmm. Makes you wonder if Ann Coulter can keep up on that many blogs at once… Whatever becomes of Mrs. Todd Palin will be interesting, nonetheless. She would be a great foil for the evil axis of O’Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh. How long before she realizes that these guys are all really pathetic ideological demagogic cowards? And how soon after that does the unholy trinity turn their backs on the anointed one? It’ll be fun to watch. But, I of course love to watch train wrecks (figuratively, not literally). As if the Palin train wreck wasn’t enough. I love the wreck that is Albany right now. I can’t wait to read ‘Capitol Confidential’ in the Times Union every day. I can’t wait to read Leo Seney’s letters to the editor in the P-R. I love reading all the letter writers who seem to know God personally and are his minions here to make sure we all do what they believe is correct. I can’t stand though the Michael Jackson freakshow. I have to agree with Gop’er Peter King. he was a pedophile. That is something you can’t overcome. Ever. There is no art so great that is overcomes that. That 1.6 million people signed up to be one of 8,750 ‘lucky’ winners of tickets to his memorial. That is enough to condemn a good portion of Americans. I’d take Ann Coulter’s racist divisive and mean spirited anti-American rants over Jacko any day. (She does have nicer legs and seems to only hurt her own reputation every time she opens her mouth). Oh yeah. Back to my Miss 1984. Right now, Obama is over in Russia meeting with Putin and the rest of the gang. Now people, if the Winker can’t handle the heat in Alaska (pun intended) can we really see her looking the Russian bear in the eye and not blinking first? Well, right before she offers Vlad some of her famous Mooseburgers and warns him she can see Russia from her front porch? When I heard Obama was t a summit in Moscow, I shivered thinking that could be Miss Wassilla over there. shuddddder.


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