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Ok, throw em out

June 28, 2009 - John Stack

The Seanate democrats have hit a new low. Earlier this week, Sen Kevin Parker called Gov Paterson a 'coke snorting, staff banging governor.' Does this guy have even the remotest sense of class or civility? He's a senator and says this on record!! This saying is wrong on so many levels. Even he admitted his words were 'reprehensible and regerettable'. Sen Karl Kruger called Paterson 'incompetent, incompetent, incompetent'. Senator Eric Adams called a news conference to say 'The governor lied and I'm insulted'. He was talking about Paterson not getting certain bills to the senate. He was insulted because he said he would be on the floor of the Senate ready to vote on the bills. Of course, the idiotic do-nothing (which is no longer a mtaphor, but literally a do-nithing body) Senate keeps meeting - 31 at a time, and nothing happens. And he's insulted? HE'S INSULTED? We're in the midst of the worst economic disaster in our lifetime and these guys refuse to do any of the people's business! How many New Yorkers are NOT insulted by these jerks? They seem to truly have no idea how bad we ALL feel about them. Oh yeah, all these guys I quoted? DEMOCRATS.

A good friend of mine, a registered Republican, told me after the presidential election that even though he didn't like the Obama was elected, Americans had to at least support the President. He meant that at least give the guy some time, and that being president, at least show the guy respect (He was also as much talking about my lack of respect for W). But, that is as taxpaying New Yorkers/Americans. It would seem to hold much more true as a senator (or Assemblyman) to the governor - especially when the gov is in your party. This is not a case like Blago, who everyone turned on, and for good reason. But, as low as Paterson's poll numbers are, my guess is that the angry rhetoric out of his mouth is supported nearly 100 percent from democrats and Republicans alike. My GOP friends are all for pulling the Senators pay, per diem, pet projects at least until they get to work. And they want them to NEVER get this paid back, although we all know that even if this circus goes on for 3 months, they'll end up with all their money.

Know what I say? The Senate democrats have shown they have no idea how to lead in the majority. Back earlier in the year, when 3 senators forced Malcolm Smith to give them top posts or they would bolt, I thought - this is not good. If these guys can do this, then every single senator can also do this with such a close majority. I figured the rest of the senators -most who had much more seniority and backing would ask 'where's the perks for me?' I was surprised that 2 of these 3 turncoats would end up actually flipping to the other side, after they gained so much undeserved power. What I say is - it seems like we need to have a true check and balance. If that means the GOP contraols the Senate, so be it. The Democrats stumbled and bumbled for the 5 months they were in charge. The budget was not one of change, but of the same old -same old. Or, spend more and tax the rich more. No new ideas. No new changes. No reform.

I've always said we need the far right and far left so that we can see where the truth, or the middle really lies. We need the right wing nut jobs claiming we need to cut everyone's taxes and an uzi in every house . We need the left wing liberals chanting 'no more guns and tax the rich!'. Thgis way, we can see that the extremes are such that we all really need to settle somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, when the dems came into senatorial power, they started taxing the rich, spending too much, and whining about Paterson choosing a moderate democrat who doesn't believe 'people don't kill people, guns kill people' in Gillibrand.

Many people have derided NY as having the senate, assembly and governor of the same party. I had before thought this was a time for great change, new ideas and reform. Obviously, with Curly , Larry and moe running the senate (my apologies to the 3 stooges) this wasn't to happen. We need something to get these guys to work for the people, not for their party and their self interests. Saying that, I do see that Obama is making some monster changes (not all that I like or that everyone likes, but at least he is making a difference, fundamental differences and is seemingly truly trying to do the people's business.

Some democrats may disagree with me. But, at least look at the Essex County democrats. They've gotten behind Julie Garcia - a Republican - for DA. Why? Because she's the best person for the job. Other dems stood up and asked for the job, but would have just been fodder in the election. the Essex Dem party did what was right for us.


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