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True heroes off the coast of Somalia

April 14, 2009 - John Stack

I had been wondering why so much attention had been given to the pirated merchant vessel the Maersk – Alabama. Currently, there are a number of ships, and crews that have been held by pirates for months over off the coast of Somalia. But until now, none have been American ships. Piracy over there is at its worst since the golden age of piracy of the 1700s. Both flourished mostly because of a near lack of any laws or security. Back in the 1700s, no one took control of the Caribbean and people were starving, and piracy was a truly better life. Now, Somalia is basically a completely lawless country, which is also extremely poor, and piracy again is about there only means of survival.


            Although the story didn’t seem extremely interesting, I had been keeping up on the fate of the crew, and the captain of the Alabama. The more ya read, and the more you found out, the more interesting it got.

First, these pirates are nothing like what we have been accustomed to fighting. These pirates are really just common thieves. They have no real allegiance, except to each other and the mighty dollar. They aren’t religious or political fanatics. They aren’t willing to die for their causes. Most of the hostages have been treated very well, because the pirates know a dead hostage will get them no money.

Next, is the seeming true blue nature of the captain, Capt Richard Phillips. Seemingly, he traded his life for the lives of his crew. He knew he was the most valuable commodity, and he got his crew away safely. Next, after this act of unselfishenss, he even tried to escape into the sea, only to be brought back after being fired upon. Then came a moment many Americans have waited 8 years for.

The US has been embarrassed by lesser countries since 9-11. A handful of extremists brought down the World Trade Center. Hundreds of billions of dollars spend and thousands of American lives lost fighting a seemingly extremely inferior force. When was the US going to show that we are the most powerful nation on Earth, and we wont’ take it anymore? W’s war was designed to show the world how powerful and great we are. It turned out to be have the opposite effect. I’m reading news reports, and it says there was no chance to really seize the lifeboat, or kill the pirates. The captain was tied up. The pirates were always near him. It was a rolling ocean, all the variables were wrong. Then, America made us proud. 3 Navey seals parachuted into the sea. They got picked up by a warship there. Our namby pamby, soft on crime, terrorist coddling president made the call ‘Take them down’. This is where our high cost of military training  comes into good use. The three Navy seals fired simultaneously, in rolling waves, using night sights, taking 3 shots to take out 3 pirates. When asked how they could have killed them with just 3 shots, Vice Admiral Gortney said because ‘they were extremely, extremely well-trained’.

When I read the story, I believe I had the same reaction as many Americans ‘Heck Yeah!! About time!!’. I haven’t felt that good about American policy in years.


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