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Lois Lerner and the IRS

June 23, 2014 - John Stack

In today's Enterprise, the top story on the editorial page is about former head of an IRS division supposedly involved with targeting of conservative or tea party backed groups. For most of America, this turned out to again be another conservative fantasy. Yes, political groups were targeted. But progressive and conservative groups were targeted. Looking at this 'scandal' makes me wonder. why would you NOT target non-profit groups to make sure they weren't using a non-profit as a front for political operations? I would have always assumed that the IRS routinely checks certain groups every year that they suspect of avoiding taxes. Its truly a scandal in the idea that the Conservatives/Tea Partiers think this is a winner, the truth be damned.

But what about other 'truths'? The editorial claims that - and I will quote verbatim here -" 'IRS officials now claim that all of Lerner's emails for the period of 2009 to April 2011 , to and from anyone in the agency- including the White House- were lost in a computer crash. now, you don't need to know much about computers to recognize how ridiculous this argument is. if I sent an email in 2004 to my friend Jason, claiming that the US was actually correct in invading Iraq, by smashing my computer now would not exactly - or at all - destroy that email. All that would need to be done would be to go to Jason's email, and find what I sent. And if he sent it to anyone else. In fact, this is exactly what the IRS did. Had any fact checking been done to preserve the integrity of the editorial, it would have been found that 24,000 of the emails sent to her computer or from her computer WERE found and turne dover to the investigative committee. I don't know about you, but the difference between ALL were lost, and over 24,000 were recovered is quite a lot. In fact, I think it kind of makes the statement untrue, a lie. A way to make someone believe there is something much more nefarious at work here. A political editorial not interested in the least of the truth.

But lets see about Conservatives. Have they ever lost emails? The Bush White house was a lesson in cheating the system. The Presidential Records Retention Act of 1978 and the Hatch Act both help describe how information is to be retained. But, at the White House they came up with another email service to avoid any scrutiny. They regularly sent official business on email servers that were not known by most outsiders. Then, approximately twenty two MILLION emails were deleted from these accounts. Twenty two million. Many that were removed had to do with the firing of US attorney generals. Remember when the Bush White house had 8 attorney general fired for not being political enough in their investigations? FIVE MILLION lost emails there. I don't remember Enterprise writing an editorial at the time saying "how convenient" at that time.


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Jun-25-14 12:45 PM

Pump up the paranoia machine! Divide the rubes and keep them powerless against our corporate interests! The truth will be the first casualty, America will be our last. Praise be to REAGAN!


Jun-25-14 11:27 AM

Point is John, Obama Administration has had these e-mails for at least six years without finding a shred of evidence of wrongdoing. So why hasn't the News Organizations and bloggers told us that?


Jun-25-14 11:23 AM

Watch your self John. Huffington Post is but a bunch of bloggers like yourself with no journalistic over site. Now go to this article from Boston****,Technicians find 22 million missing e-mails from Bush years "Former Bush White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said the 22 million e-mails already had been recovered while Bush was still in office and that misleading statements about the former administration’s work demonstrate “a continued anti-Bush agenda, nearly a year after a new president was sworn in.’’


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