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The Obama dream

August 14, 2012 - John Stack
So, Barack Obama is sittin gin the Oval Office, seeing if he can find new ways to irritate the Conservatives. The mail comes in. There a are a number of items from Republican governors, including Utah Governor Gary Herbert. ‘What do these clowns want? Probably a tax cut or more oil subsidies” thinks Barry O. ‘Hmmm. They want waivers in the welfare program. What ? GOP governors want waivers to the work requirement in welfare? What, do they want these people to be dependent on government forever? Hmmm. This makes sense. Must be something wrong here” “Let me get this straight” ponders the most powerful man in the world (Now that Steve Jobs is dead). “The federal government, under Democratic President Bill Clinton created targets for the percent of people on welfare to work for their money. Now these guys- GOP governors who fight tooth and nail every day to make sure as many people on welfare are gainfully employed also - want to actually lower that threshold, so fewer people are working, yet still getting federal payments.” POTUS looks at calendar to see if it is April 1. Looks out the window to see if he can see a rapture happening in the streets. Nope. He continues to read on. He calls for Vice President Biden. “Joe! Have you seen this? What do you think?” asks the guy who Obamacare is named after. “Well, Mr President, voters love wartime presidents. I’ve never cared for back-bacon, so I say we attack Canada just before the election” says the second in command. “Hmmm. Nice thought, but of course Canada has the world’s largest underground reserves of poutine in the world. We can’t risk disrupting that supply chain “.

Hmmm. It also says these governors have some new programs they want to try. It would get more people OFF welfare and into better jobs. BUT, in the meantime, they wouldn’t be working but training for these jobs, which would drop them below the threshold of percent that are working and receiving benefits.” The Prez was taken aback. What he had in front of him was real Welfare reform. Not some arbitrary number or percent that was pulled out of the sky. These governors would come up with plans that would save the states and the federal government money. More people would be off welfare rolls, and more people working. There must be a catch. “Hmmm. Says here the states must come up with plans showing that more people would be working (not less), and that the federal government would have to sign off on these plans to make sure they were valid plans that would work”.” This isn’t some DC Beltway giveaway. This is States coming up with new ideas on solving the welfare problem in America. This is the federal government unshackling the hands of states to better use what works for them, rather than the federal government forcing one size fits all”. “Heck, this is a no-brainer. We get people off welfare. Give states more choice over their hard earned tax dollars. Unemployment drops. It costs us less than what we are spending now. Its backed by, and actually driven by Republican governors! Even the governor of UTAH! Romney’s home state!” “This should go down as one of the best, bipartisan , low cost, common sense decisions made in welfare reform in 20 years! What could go wrong?” He calls for his signing pen. He makes it so…

Michele Obama nudges her husband. She’s watching Fox News as always. Here’s Sean Hannity claiming Obama has gutted welfare. Switch to CNN . Here’s Orrin Hatch blasting the president for removing the work requirement in welfare. ABC. ‘President Obama has gutted welfare. President Obama wants to take the work requirement out of welfare” – “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this commercial.”. Just another day in Bizarro world…


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