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Chicken Goes too far

August 2, 2012 - John Stack
Today's 'Chick-Fil-A Appreciation day should go down in the annals of political stunts as among the most ridiculous of all time. Lets recap – the CEO of Chick-Fil-A mocked gays, gay marriage, and people who have been divorced. Luckily, the people advancing this neanderthalian appreciation are the usual suspects of the lunatic fringe – Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. Its a sad day if people actually believe the putrid vitriol spewing from these megolomaniac orifices. Its a stupid fast food joint people. If people don't want to eat there, its not anti-Christian. Its not because someone is gay. Here is a quote from Huckabee 'He went on to accuse "the left" of too often taking a stand on "same sex marriage, abortion, or profanity" and of labeling Christians as "homophobic, fundamentalists, hate-mongers, and intolerant," if they "affirm traditional values." Its mind boggling he could make such an ignorant statement.Mind Boggling! First, guess what? Many – MOST – Democrats are Christians you misanthropic blowhard! Are they condemning themselves? The left takes a stand on profanity? Huh? Is there some groundswell for outlawing 'gosh darn diddley squidly?' He's accusing 'the left' of taking a stand on same sex marriage and abortion. Huh. People taking astand for what they believe in. Sounds like a communist plot to me I heart Mike. Claims the left calls homophobic christians homophobic. Should they just say that evangelical Christians just hate men who color coordinate or women who wear comfortable shoes? And the left calls fundamentalists..well...fundamentalists? And intolerant people..intolerant? What exactly does the right want? Oh yeah. Do as the church says (not as Jesus taught) even though we aren't sure what church that is. And what their 'church' says seems to mold and change to whatever they have convinced the sheep it should be. The nineties? Oh yeah the individual health care mandate is good, universal healthcare good, it is God's will...except now, 10-15 year slater, somehow THEIR all knowing omnipotent God has decided universal health care is really another step closer to damnation (sorry about the profanity Mike, us 'left' can't help ourselves).

To take it to a higher level, many hate mongering homophobic , fundamentalist intolerant (whoops – he was right – we do do that!) they claim it is a matter of free speech. They are right. But for the wrong reason. It is my right to choose to not go to Chik Fil-A. I can even write a blog about it and not be arrested for it (First Amendment right). Rush Limbaugh can even claim to go and eat at Chik Fil-A (even though its probably been 20 years since he allowed any of the unwashed masses – meaning anyone without a culinary degree – to touch whatever food he eats).

The absolute irony is that Chik-Fil -A is more socialist that most other companies. They offer a great medical, dental and vision plan. Tuition reimbursement. Day care. 401K with company 5% match. How can a company offer this and not drive itself into the ground? Its so socialist as to almost have a Vladmir Lenin poster of him cooking a chicken. My guess is even with all this 'right wing lunatic fringe support' you won't find Chik-Fil-A grousing about ObamaCare – BECAUSE THEY ALL READY VOLUNTARILY EXCEED IT. Next week, Hannity and company will somehow be claiming Chik-Fil A cannot continue to support their generous benefit package because , well, just say anything and preface it with 'Obama'.

If you are a Republican, a Christian, even a level headed conservative – recognize thes epeople are not your peers. Even I see the ignorant intolerance that any self respecting GOP member iwoul dbe completely ashamed of.


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