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more Bachmann Babble

July 29, 2012 - John Stack
Last week, Michele Bachmann again proved why she is unfit for office. She, along with four other (does it need to be said) GOP members of congress, sent a letter to the Deputy US Inspectors office asking the office to check out the Muslim Brotherhood at its highest levels. She directly asks about Huma Abedin, who is Secretary of State Clinton's chief of staff. Through a series of events that would make the me good friends with a movie star through degrees of Kevin Bacon seem believable, Bachmann and here fear mongering quintet claim that the US has been infiltrated at the highest levels by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The funniest part has to do with Huma's husband – the disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner. Anthony Weiner happens to be a VERY vocal supporter of Jewish causes and of Israel. But the conspiricists have this one covered. Weiner is really a closet Muslim. Yup 12 years in congress fighting non-stop for Jewish causes is a secret Muslim. (Heck, if president Obama can go to a Christian church for the last 40 years and still be called a Muslim....although it kinda of negates the Rev Wright influence..but that's another story).

Part of this is the complete lack of knowledge of how the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim Sisterhood work. Or how many think they work. Check out some pictures of Huma and her so called Sharia sister Heba . If that's how women will look and dress in a Sharia run world,....I'm not really sure what we have to worry about. And Sharia Law is NOT what your Becks and Hannity's claim it is. Even in the propagandist 'report' from Center for Security Policy (an ultra right wing think tank) says ”Sharia is a reference point for a Muslim’s personal conduct, not a corpus to be imposed on the life of a pluralistic society”. This report goes on to say that Sharia is a threat to our freedom and incompatible with our constitution. Sharia is nothing of the sort. Most view this as LAW. But, it more like the 10 commandments, in that it is a tool to help Muslims live their personal lives in accordance to their religion (sound ..uh..somewhat familiar?). Yes, there are things in the Koran that can be cherry picked to make them look bad. But..taken a peek at the bible recently? Been stoning girls to death for infidelity? Going to hell for wearing mixed fibers? Is it still OK to beat slaves as long as they don't die? If all I knew about the bible was Leviticus I'd be scared to death to approach a Christian! This is not to put down Christians. If you spoke to a priest about these, he would put them into their correct context. This isnt' something a Fox News host would do when it came to the Koran.

But, the text of her letter itself is embarrassingly juvenile. She starts with claiming the US government has declared the Muslim Brotherhood's reason to be in the US is to 'destroying Western Civilization from within”. Now, no one really knows where the US has actually determined this, but Rep Bachmann seems to know (I believe someone told her on the way to the podium). She asks the Inspector to find out if anyone who at one time was somehow affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, denounced the Brotherhood agenda?? Really? Huh? That is to be investigated? Also HOW the Muslim Brotherhood is involved in programs under the guise of The Inspector...Not IF they are, but HOW. Nice way to word it. Her third is to have the Inspector recommend , in his report , 'corrective actions' in how to deal with the Brotherhood in the US. So, she tells the Inspector what to look for. Tell shim what is happening. Then tells him his report must include corrective actions on things of which the office hasn't even looked into yet. But yes, Bachmann's sources seem to include all of one seemingly Sean hannity produced anti-Islamist propagandist film so it must be true.


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