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Where do you stand on Obamacare

July 16, 2012 - John Stack
My son Eddie is 23 years old. He recently graduated from college. Sounds great, right? Except he now no longer has health insurance. We are told by Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell that the 30 million uninsured is ‘not the issue’. Insuring 30 million uninsured is NOT the issue? Really? When it comes to 30 million people without access to affordable health care, what is the issue? And these 30 million are not the extremely poor and destitute. We actually have institutional ways that cover them. We’re talking about people like my son. If he for some reason has to go to the ER, without insurance, he is walloped with a minimum of a thousand dollar medical bill, which would be $35 if he is covered under my insurance. McConnell seems to want to make people believe that if we just repeal ALL of Obamacare (and replace it with…nothing) that somehow our economy will jump start like you can’t believe. Companies will amazingly start hiring so many people we will have the problem of unemployment rates so low, the companies will be paying for 23 year old unemployed men to have health insurance just so they are healthy when they do get a job!

I mean, its insanity. The GOP has no interest in covering pre-existing conditions (see Romney’s plans on the matter) nor are any GOP plans designed to help lower the amount of uninsured. The GOP plan is to keep the status quo. The status quo being the most expensive health care system in the world , with the 37th best outcomes. Behind virtually every country in the EU and Canada, and behind every single single payer insurance country in the world. Digest that. 36 other countries pay less for their insurance than we do, and they all have better health care outcomes. And yet, we still have 30 million uninsured and most of these have universal health care. France, Germany, Great Britain - all capitalist societies, all with giant strong economies - all national healthcare countries.

Lets be honest. The battle by the GOP is about getting votes, and fear mongering over Obamacare is their chosen way to be elected and/or re-elected. The GOP candidate is the one who created the plan Obamacare is based upon! But he wants to repeal all of Obamacare, while still claiming RomneyCare is good. Guess what. Government is government. I don’t trust my state senate and assembly any more than I trust the US Senate or House to govern my health insurance. Sitting in Washington and convincing voters that it is better to have states make these decisions than the US government is a smokescreen. Every day we hear about how ‘Albany’ shouldn’t be telling us what to do. Except, I guess, if its health care.

Poll after poll shows unhappiness with Obamacare as a whole. But, as individual pieces, its is extremely popular with the left and right. In fact, even the most controversial part of the law, the individual mandate - by ITSELF has a higher approval rating than the law as a whole! The pre-existing condition part, the coverage of dependent children after college, exchanges, - these all have support well over 60%. Yet, the law itself has only a 43% favorability. That doesn’t even compute a little. But, the GOP took their 33rd vote last week to overturn Obamacare. THIRTY THIRD vote. Do they not have a better thing to do with their time than to vote on bills that literally have absolutely NO chance of being introduced into the senate and zero chance to be signed by Obama? Do we send our reps to Washington just to watch them posture rather than lead? THIRTY THREE useless votes. Why? Because 32 just wasn’t enough to appease Grover Norquist or the Koch brothers?

If you are against Obamacare, what is your reason to repeal the whole law? If its is the individual mandate, why repeal the rest which has great support? Do you really think the GOP will do ANYTHING to replace any part of the ACA to help with our health care system?


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