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RomneyCare Upheld

June 29, 2012 - John Stack
This week, the US Supreme Court upheld Mitt Romney’s long time view of the Individual Mandate being of utmost importance in our continual fight for universal affordable healthcare. As Gov Romney said on April 2006, when he signed RomneyCare into law, ‘ we are going to insist that everybody be covered one way or the other and that those who don’t comply have certain problems. They are going to lose their personal tax exemption. We will withhold any of their tax refund.’ But lets get to the funny reactions to the ACA being upheld. George Will has gone so far over the deep end, I wonder if someone needs to send him a life preserver. George Will is trumpeting the result. He says its an incredible win for Conservatives because now (he believes) using the Commerce Clause as justification for the Affordable Care Act has been denied (5-4) this is a good thing. The conservatives just lost a court case that was bigger than virtually any other court case since Rowe V Wade, and he is telling the Conservatives to rejoice. I mean, its like telling some Palooka who just had his teeth knocked out by Mike Tyson to ‘Rejoice! At least you don’t have to fight Mike Tyson again! As the combatant wonders how his life will be without teeth and an impaired mental state. As Will is fond of big words, here’s a nice easy one -’ George, that is a stretch’. 1. Then there is the Winker. As Sarah Palin is the Kim Kardashian of politics, she had to weigh in . Justice Roberts concluded that the Commerce Clause doesn’t allow for ACA, but that the government can justify it as a tax. Obama had said ACA ‘absolutely wasn’t a tax’, I say toma-toe toe-mah-toe’. It’s a technical definition of tax. Is your drivers license renewal fee a tax? Yes under this definition. Is a parking meter a tax? Yes. Is forcing someone pay for a sonogram before they get an abortion a tax? Yes it is. But few look at these as ‘taxes’ in the general sense. How about spending hundreds of billions on senior prescription drugs with no way to pay for it? What is that called? As there is no method to pay for it, just another expense, is it a ‘tax’ because it will and is being paid for by taxes today? (or later through the national debt?). Doesn’t matter. Sarah Kardashian says ‘Obama lied to the American people. Again. He said it wasn't a tax. Obama lies; freedom dies.’ I mean, if you aren’t part of Palin-world, her words are about as important as Kim Kardashian’s advice for hair care is for me.

Then there are the real amateurs. As the blog poster to George Wills article, one writer called Obama treasonous because of this ruling (regardless if it has been law of the land for a while now, and the supreme court just upheld it with one of the most conservative judges in favor). But then, he goes on to say something about him not letting his tax money now go to some freeloading welfare queen. I mean, of course this has zero to do with 1)welfare or 2.) free healthcare for people on welfare and 3.) People would now be forced to actually PAY for healthcare .

Finally, the 2 best things about the SCOTUS ruling : 1) Rush Limbaugh had vowed to move to Costa Rica if ACA was upheld – so ‘sayonara Rush! Don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out’ and 2.) The incredible number of igtnorant Americans who now say they are moving to Canada because of Obamacare . I mean, how funny is that? A country that TRULY has socialized medicine and are proud of it, and has a socialist system in place that makes them closer to communist Russia than the US. I mean, maybe there SHOULD be ameans test to vote. At a polling place, they just need to answer this one ‘If ObamaCare passes SCOTUS scrutiny, would you consider moving to Canada out of frustration? If you answer YES, a bunch of INS agents jump out and throw you in a paddy wagon headed to the Yukon… See the tweets in the links portion. Sorry, one last Palin one – so much for her ‘citizen journalists vs the ‘lamestream’ media and how much better they are..I admit, I had no idea how much fun I would have with Conservative reactions to this ruling. And I didn’t even mention how GOP heads were warning their minions to not ‘gloat’ when the decision came down…


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