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Principles versus ideology

May 14, 2012 - John Stack
I am still so confused over what actual values the Conservative Right actually holds. Lower taxes. Yes. Lower deficit? Less interference from government? Religious freedom? Um, so they say.

Well, they claim to love a lower deficit. Unless of course the deficit grows for a tax break. Or the deficit increases because of military spending. Aid to the poor? Unemployed? Higher education? These are not worthy causes. Or, unless a tax break is endorsed by a democrat. (see payroll tax).

Less interference by government? Well, what they mean here is basically less regulations on power plants, meat processors and anything that causes pollution. They are definitely not about less interference when it comes to things like abortion. At that, the conservatives seem to not be able to stop falling over themselves to increase interference by the government so they can buy votes er.. appease the conservative right er help out women. Or it means to increase government oversight and regulation of voter ID – ie suppress the inner city poor/democratic leaning demographic. (I don’t remember many conservatives calling for better voting precautions in Florida in 2000). Less interference unless you happen to be gay. Then here should be more government regulations for depriving gays of survivor benefits, rights to see their sick loved ones in the hospital, adoption and of course, the ability to marry.

How about freedom of competition – ie free trade/capitalism. Well, as we speak, the right is piling everything they have into denying ‘Obamacare’ in its entirety (regardless if most of Obamacare, if taken part by part has incredibly high bipartisan support). Some Obamacare bipartisan support is an increased age to keep your kids on medical insurance and the ability to not be denied because of a pre-diagnosed condition. But one of the items in ObamaCare is the idea of ‘exchanges’. What are exchanges? Well, they are like a giant group of medical plans that all people can come and choose from. Currently, there are few and far between medical insurance companies vying for your dollar, and they don’t compete. If you are the only show in town, what’s the incentive to keep rates low (none). Exchanges bring together lots of buyers to a bunch of sellers. Now, theoretically, this should increase competition – as any good conservative will tell you. But, as exchanges are supported by Democrats, the conservatives will fight it tooth and nail, even if that violates one of their most dearly held ‘principles’.

Yeah, the right to marry. This is where the conservatives feel they are protecting the freedom of religion. And by religion, they mean protecting THEIR religion. They will hold congressional hearings on the Islamic threat in the US and ignore the vast majority of hate crimes and hate groups are Christian white conservative racists. During the debate over providing contraception for women, they claimed it should be a religious decision. Then they go on to use religion to get constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage. Except, what if your religion permits gay marriage? And many Christian religious organizations (Episcopalian, Evangelical Lutheran Church) do allow gays to marry. Now, the religious right has codified in law religious discrimination. In many Southern states (no surprise there) it is basically the religious right (read that -Evangelicals) that is forcing other religions to not be able to follow their religious teaching. How is denying another church the ability to perform one of their sacraments abide with freedom of religion?

It seems that other than lower taxes, the Conservative right doesn’t actually stand for principles. Its more they stand for a bunch of stand alone ideas that would never make it if they actually had to abide by a set down principle.


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