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No dignity for Ann

April 19, 2012 - John Stack
Funny Quote of the day. Sarah Palin responding to President Obama going after oil speculators: “PALIN: I think he is ignorant on the issue, Andrea. I believe that those who he has surrounded himself with, do not understand the geology and the geography that we talk about. “. Obama, Columbia and Harvard graduate, is naïve, as compared to someone who believes she is best for foreign policy because she can see Russia from her kitchen window…

Recently, candidate Romney had explained how he thought that women on welfare needed to get out of the house and into work, even with kids as small as two, because the kids needed to see their parent have ‘the dignity of work’. While I applaud his desire to give more to daycare funding, it does beg the question if he believes his wife has any dignity, as their kids have never seen their mother work outside the home, which according to Romney policy is the only dignified work. But I also hear that he has defended his wife, saying that his wife has worked for years raising their kids. Is it work? Or undignified work? I’m not sure, so I am going to try to figure this out.

Who is the dignified working mother? Lets make up two young women, Ann and Brigette. Ann grows up in an affluent family and goes away to a private school where she meets her future husband . who comes from a family is well to do and very well connected politically. Brij comes from a divorced set of parents, who live a typical middle class life, but no extras. Ann goes to a big private college with her parents paying her way. Brij goes to a State school, taking out loans. Ann graduates, marries her well off boyfriend, (a former President is one of the guests at their reception) and settles in at home. Brij gets pregnant at college and has to leave school and live with her father. Brij goes back to college at a Community college, waits tables and raises her son alone with no support from his biological father. Ann has her first of 5 sons. Ann ‘decides’ to stay home and raise kids. Brij completes junior college and goes on for her 4 year degree. Now she is working as a keyboard spec while going to college and raising her son alone. Ann has 2nd and third sons. She works at keeping the nannies in line and the chauffeur at the ready. Brij rents a small apartment of her own, and goes on to grad school while still working as a keyboard specialist.

Ann, after having 5 sons, decides she must stay home and raise kids until they leave college. She doesn’t feel the need to show her sons that women should work, or that she needs the dignity of work. A 9 figure bank account is the only dignity she needs. Brijs bank account fluctuates between 2 and 3 figures. Ann comes down with a debilitating disease, but gets through it with no physical limiting factors. She later says she wanted to go back to grad school (art history or some other economically or important degree) but that her MS caused her to stay out of college, as well as her still having to raise her youngest son (now 16) and stay at home. Somehow she becomes an accomplished equestrian even with the burden of raising sons well into their 20’s. Brij, while battling a lifelong problem with arthritis and debilitating migraines, works as a waitress, a keyboard specialist and now graduates and accepts a job as a guidance counselor as her son becomes a teenager. Her biggest athletic accomplishment is traipsing around an Adirondack town for 15 hours in 80 degree weather watching her brother finish an Ironman.

Now, Brij has definitely shown her son what a woman can accomplish on her own and the value of a good work ethic. Ann has shown her kids that staying home with nannies and every conceivable support imaginable, even when her kids were way beyond any need for her to stay home, is hard, strenuous work and is to be commended.

I was lucky enough that my mother was able to stay at home while I was very little. We were able to do that because of my father’s job. I’ve had other family and friends who have been lucky enough that one parent was able to stay home with their kids. These women who have raised 4 or 5 kids on just the salary of her husband’s mill job, these are hard working, working, dignified mothers. I’m sorry. Ann Romney is not my mother. My mother worked for a living.


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