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A New Threat: An Alien Response?

February 12, 2012 - Ernest Hohmeyer
We are under alien invasion.

Perhaps it is time for an other-worldly call to move our community federation forward.

To fight the community transgressor of the past, whose black robe was often disguised in the forms of new taxes, our light saber has been community planning and clandestine forays to find new job creating forces.

We lament the fact that the burden to move the Republic forward always seems to fall on the same few Jedi.

Our community plans seemed to struggle against the onslaught of the recessionary forces.

Perhaps it is because we are thinking in old terms and that the new fight for freedom – or at least no new taxes – requires a new force.

The Crumbling Empire

Community planning has come a long way.

But many of these plans sit idle. Perhaps it is because that while they involved the community they were still developed in the old framework.

In terms of economic planning, they are still created using the vernacular of a community’s "assets and liabilities," "trained labor force," "infrastructure capability," "site availability" and "financial incentives." Sometimes they do a great job in identifying “targets” such as biotechnology, the need for more tourism amenities and services.

A few Jedi put a lot of work into these plans.

We then attempt to fight the economic development empire with the same approach of land, money and incentives.

We often don’t get too far in these traditional battles.

May the Force Be with Us

Is it possible to develop a new force: a community’s energy? Can this be the new economic development life force – or at least be considered as another criterion in the 3 dimensional worlds of assets and liabilities?

Can this bring new allies to our regional federation?

Besides the typical Jedi, can we rally the arts federation, biotech and tourism federations to join the fight? In the inner sanctum of our community halls can the expertise and energy of these people be a part of a new recruitment team - a council of community ambassadors?

Can we create a council of expertise and energy?

But our new allies in this fight to advance our communities may also come from a source we have not historically tapped in to.

If you believe that energy can be something that can be translated into an excitement or enthusiasm for a cause, then why have we not invited our wellness federation: our healers, scientists and even those that work with our local earth’s energy such as our farmers and culinary sectors?

I know what you may be thinking. This policy to enhance our community’s vibrancy will now be filled with white coats, séances and meditation.

Except that we are already talking about it this way.

A Vibrant Community Means Energy

When we talk about the arts community or the emerging biotech industry, we often refer to it as a “growing energy in the community” and that there is a developing “momentum.”

There seems to be a growing belief that the many shapes and forms of energy can be tapped into to create solutions. Sometimes it stems from an eclectic rag-tag form of believers in the force that than spreads to the community. This collective will becomes a consciousness that other prospective businesses can resonate to – they can feel the energy.

Yes, to capture them, you need those traditional tools of land and labor force but how many times have we talked to a new business in town that moved here because they were captured by the “feel” or “energy” of the community?

Higher Consciousness as a Community Tool?

Then let’s tap into this energy. Can we add to this momentum by inviting other community members who may have traditionally felt they do not have the “expertise” but they do have energy and believe in the community? One thing we can say to them is that the old “expertise” has not provided great results.

I came across the Princeton University web site that talks about the “Global Consciousness Project.” The GCP “is an international effort involving researchers from several institutions and countries designed to explore whether… [human] consciousness and intention have subtle but important effects in the world.” In other words, can collective human consciousness, through perhaps a united region, “encourage us to make essential, healthy changes in the great systems that dominate our world”?

Mentioned in this article is the” Institute of Noetic Sciences” founded in part by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell. The effort is to “encourage and conduct research on human potentials. Institute programs include ‘extended human capacities,’ ‘integral health and healing,’ and ‘emerging worldviews.”

Separate from this I came across an interesting business model “The Noetic Business Manifesto: The Blueprint for Business Success in Times of Tumultuous Change” by Michael Haupt. Here, he talks about how traditional business models may no longer be appropriate.

He urges businesses “to step into the unknown and create a truly better world – and a chance to shift the way we think about what businesses and what value creation really means.” He states that “Human beings have been evolving for centuries and our higher consciousness is now laying the cornerstone of a better future.

Thinking Out-of-the-Box

He quotes Albert Einstein “The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates problems we cannot solve...

... at the same level of thinking at which we created them.”

To generate new solutions, it seems that many large international corporations are reaching out beyond their boardroom and company resources and bringing in partners that historically may have been ridiculed. Scientists, environmentalists, philosophers and artists are being looked upon as resources in our new world that is becoming increasingly interdependent.

Should we do the same as a region?

This “global sense of oneness” Haupt points out has created many efforts to think out-of-the-box such as the Worldshift Foundation whose co-founder Ervin Laszlo has written “The World at the Crossroads and Worldshift 2012: Making Green Business, New Politics, and Higher Consciousness Work Together.”

I do not claim to understand all of this and some of this new business thinking stands up the hair on my neck but there seems to be emerging capacities that we are just beginning to explore as part of our evolving human race. One thing for sure, the world is changing rapidly and perhaps we should not run away from concepts or partners that have not traditionally been involved in furthering our community.

A New Energy?

Perhaps there is a new energy out there we have not taken advantage or connected to. Perhaps we could take small steps and connect with new “vanguards.”

Can we utilize some of this new energy by actually building business models that are connected to our community plans?

If we want biotech companies then let’s get our existing firms together with bankers, community leaders and other “vanguards” to develop actual business plans that we can showcase to potential new businesses. This is what we can do – and want – specific business models.

Let’s be open to new languages and new approaches. Can we encourage more of a participatory process such as those that may not have expertise but do have the energy? In today’s world of “higher consciousness” do we need that energy and is that more important than traditional assets and liabilities?

Perhaps this effort to create greater community connections will indeed develop a consciousness that will attract others.


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