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Undoing an 8 year mess

January 22, 2009 - John Stack

Obama has started the dismantling of Ws bumbling foreign affairs messes. He is dismantling Gitmo (more of a symbolic gesture). He is reviewing the military tribunals for Gitmo detainees (I think 5 years of being held chargeless is about enough time). He is closing down the 'secret prisons' overseas. What exactly were these 'secret prisons' for, other than to interrogate prisoners with no fear of repurcussions from US laws? Obama has also banned the harshest interrogation techniques, which the Bush administration saw as valid .

The closing of Gitmo leaves in question where the prisoners will go. That is to be determined, but at least it won't be in secrecy. The secret prisons will technically still exist, but the CIA will not be allowed to torture or violate inerrogation rules. The torture ban was an easy one. We don't live in a Dirty Harry world or a '24' world where pistol whipping a suspect saves the world. The yellow cake story purportedly was concocted by a single source, who tortured an informant, who it turns out was lying (oh well,just a few thousdand dead American soldires, 10's of thousands injured, a trillion spent ). Ironic.

Also, Hillary Cllinton was confirmed as Secretary of State. Even people who wouldn't vote for her as president, look at her as a great choice for the job. That is except for the 2 senators who voted against her confirmation (Jim DeMint and David Vitter'. DeMint was voting against her because '..I do find it difficult to support a nominee who will pursue policies so contrary to American sovereignty...' - Hmmm. Seems like 94 other senators felt exactly the opposite. Maybe they are ALL wrong and this demagogue is right? hmmm. He also worried about Obama (what this has to do with Clinton, I don't know) reversing the executive order that prohibits US aid to overseas  groups that offer abortions. Well, he's right there. That executive order has about the shelf life (or half life) of Krypton (look it up)


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