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Michele Bachmann Overdrive

August 5, 2011 - John Stack
I will say right off Michele Bachmann is no Sarah Palin. Its always been unfair to compare her and Sarah Palin mostly just because they are women. Yes, they both are nutty right wing ideologues. But, Michele is no Winker, literally and figuratively. She is more along the lines of Rand Paul fiscally and evangelicals socially (in fact she is a dyed in the wool evangelical). Bachmann would destroy Palin in a debate on issues, as my guess is Bachmann wouldn’t wink, say ‘you betcha’ even once and would know Milton Friedman isn’t the psychiatrist from M*A*S*H. But this is what makes Bachmann much worse. Years ago, Minnesota voters got drunk and went to the polls and voted for WWE Superstar Jesse ’The Body’ Ventura. They woke up with a hangover, an odd tattoo they didn’t remember getting that said ‘Mindy’ and the queasy feeling they just elected a pro wrestler governor. This time, the sober among them are hoping they get to vote for Michele Bachmann for president. And that’s scary.

Somehow a person who’s main political thrust is to stop gay marriage is one of our dominant political party’s darling. It still boggles my mind that this topic is at the federal level. Its like trying to legislate rainfall. Her husband has even accepted over $125,000 in Medicaid money to his clinic to help gays pray themselves straight. (From the guy who currently leads the list as the most in-the-closet homosexual denier in America). On the plus side, she has also taken an indeterminate thousands of taxpayer dollars to take in pregnant unwed teens.( Sarah Palin only accepted one stupid unwed teen into her house, and she didn’t ask for any federal assistance).

But her biggest problem is her complete lack of understanding of macroeconomic issues, such as TARP and the federal deficit. This is how she spoke about raising the debt ceiling "This Republican will not vote to raise the debt ceiling, my colleagues will have to come to their own conclusion." Not just her colleagues, only virtually everybody with any financial or economic background or rationality have come to the conclusion that her fiscal ideas might work as den mother of the cub scouts, but not for the biggest and most powerful and influential economy on earth. She says she would have defaulted on the debt rather than raise it. Forget that the debt ceiling is really to pay for expenditures all ready approved by congress and doesn’t actually commit to any new spending at all. What would be her fiscal move? You can’t just cut 2 trillion dollars TODAY. There are things that have to be paid right now. Or does she mena we just stop paying federal workers – right now- until we make up $2 trillion? Stop paying all of our vendors – right now – so that the electricity and heat and hot water to run all federal offices stops right now? Do we stop paying – right now- for gasoline to run our governments planes, cars and tanks? All federal workers will have to walk to appointments outside of their buildings and our soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan will fight without vehicles or air or naval support or radar help? Be pretty soon Bachmann would be saying ‘Oh, well, not THAT!’. I think she meant stop paying the principal on our debt, just interest. Huh? We now owe over $12 trillion! The one thing that is trusted the world over – from an Al Queda soldier in a cave to a miner in Irkutsk to a cab driver in London is the US dollar and the full faith and credit of the United States. But, she would send interest rates rocketing; our deficit would actually go UP financial markets would implode, but she would be able to make a (misguided absurd) political point. Bachmann claims Treasury secretary Geithner has the ability to choose what debts to pay (true) and that if we default on our debts, he would be the one to cause it! May be true technically, but where else would we cut (see above).

It almost goes without saying that Bachmann also voted against TARP and the auto bailouts. Yes, she says, she would have let the banks default and go into bankruptcy. Yes, she would have let the auto companies fail. Somehow American workers losing trillions in their banks and hundreds of thousands of auto workers losing their jobs was the better alternative.

Finally from the disenchanted sun of the man responsible for injecting evangelicanism into our political world, Frank Schaeffer :"Michele Bachmann says certain things that sound crazy to the general public, But to anybody raised in the environment of the evangelical right wing, what she says makes perfect sense."

(PS – sorry Jesse to implicitly compare you to Sarah Palin. Maybe you should challenge her to a cage match)


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