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Hot Rod!

January 5, 2009 - John Stack

The 'Hot' Rod Blagejovic saga is the real reason I love politics. All the happiness after the election of Obama was nice, but it didn't really give me a reason to hate how politics really go, or, for me to continue my massive political cynicism. Then along came Hot Rod. This saga doesn't just concern HR. It includes him, Harry Reid , Roland Burris, Illinois senator Dick Durbin and Brit Hume- they're all fools!

It of course started when it became apparent Obama would become president. HR went about trying to overtly capitalize on selling Obama's Senate seat. He went as far to say on tape that if he got an ambassadorship, he could reform his image and maybe run for president !(this from a governor with the worst opinion ratings in the US - they make Bush look like mother Theresa). With this sociopathic belief and enourmously outsized ego, what followed shouldn't be surprising.

The FBI had been taping HRs calls - not so secretly. Yet, HR kept right on as if omnipotent in his quest to gain from appointing someone. The FBI finally steps in. It looks like HR is done. but no, HR goes on as if he was swatting away a bug.

Now, their is a problem. Does HR get to appoint a Senator? No reason not to! But, they state could pass a law and force a special election for the seat. At first, Durbin is all for this. Then, he realizes the 'special' place democrats currently hold in Illinois, and says the Senator should be apponted. Of course, he assume HR will play along and not nominate, then the Lt gov would make a pick that was acceptable to Democrats. But why would HR play along? His political career is in tatters, he wants t go out a-blazin! So HotRod nominates someone for the Senate. But, not just someone - a BLACK someone. Now, if the appointment is blocked, HotRod and the rest will claim racism! How perfect! And it has happened! He even gets former Black Panther Bobby Rush to use the 'L' word - lynch - to further foment the problem.

The Republican party if Illinois did get something right.  From GOP chairman Andy McKenna 'Once again, Blagojevich Democrats have failed the people of Illinois by refusing to strip Rod Blagojevich of his senate appointment power and blocking a vote of the people'. I mean, it is probably self serving, and its not 'Blagejovich Democrats' it the stupidity and arrogance of the whole democratic party that is involved in this appointment fiasco at all , from Reid to Durbin to the legislators.

Oh yeah . Brit Hume. read the transcript, or watch the video (link attached). Good Brit can't seem to understand why there would be a 'taint' to the selection of Burris. To not understand this, Brit Hume either is the dumbest reporter in history with a degree from'25 cent bubble gum unversity' or he's an inane right wing nut job commentator from Fox News. You make the call.

Finally, any honor Burris may have had prior to this has completely vanished. He himself has publicly stated his feelings of disgust for Blago's actions (obviously before he thought he had a shot at the Senate). Now, either he is as dumb as Brit Hume and really can't understand why he should refuse the offer, or his incredible ego and unrealized quest for the senate have eaten him alive. And I don't think he's dumb.


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