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My God is better than your God

January 1, 2009 - John Stack

There are numerous letters to editors proclaiming that all our woes are based on 'pushing God out of our lives'. Is there not  a problem that can not be blamed on our refusal to genuflect to God at all times?

There are plenty of straw man arguments abounding. My favorite is 'boycott all the places that refuse to greet you with Merry Christmas'. It is probably as easy to find someone who claims to believe GWB is the best president ever than to actually know people who own businesses that refuse to acknowledge the holidays at this time of year.

Many continie to use the claim that our country was founded on 'religious traditions'. Of course to many, this means the 'Judeo-Christian' traditions. Its right there in the bible  -TheTen Commandments! What else needs to be said, right? Except that the 10 commandments were actually practiced in Egypt thousands of years before Moses existed, as 'The negative confession' in 'the Book of the Dead'. I don't think many Christians existed a couple thousands of years prior to Christ himself.

In fact, virtually ALL religions have moral messages, asking us to live in peace, love each other, feed the poor, do not rob, etc etc. So why is it that our seeming path away from weekly church services and devotion to the Christian God is the cause of our faults? Atheists and agnostics are not intrinsically more or less moral than Christians. Also, I can't thinkof any that many wars brought upon by atheistic combatants in the Western Hemisphere. Not to mention the basically non-religios billion Chinese (are they inherently evil?)In the Middle East, the conflicts be it between Islam and Judaism in Israel or between different sects in Iraq, they are all religious people doing very immoral acts, not meant to feed the poor, bring peace or anything we base our morality upon.

Until recent times, religious people were 110 percent sure of their religions infallibility, but also that the world was flat and slavery was acceptable. The same Congress that in 1789 passed the First Amendment prohibition on the establishment of religion also started each day with a prayer, as does the current Congress!

Finally, why is it you are Christain? Jewish? Muslim? In our little town here, we happen to have all three of these major religions. But, all in all, there is a good chance you are a Christain. If you came from Mexico, good chance you are a Catholic. Or, if you came from Egypt, a muslim. Or Jerusalem, probably a Jew. Or India, a Hindu. Why is it that,say, a christian in Saranac Lake is so sure she is so so so sure of the infallibility of her religion? Had she been born in Cairo, she would be just as sure that Mohammed was the prophet, or born in New Delhi that Vishnu watched over them? So, if Ahmed was born in Bagdad and brought up there , its probable that he could be fighting the evil forces of American imperialism . But, had his mother married a visiting American professor, he could very well be fighting against himself, if not for, pardon me, 'divine providence'.

So, just please leave me out of the witch-hunt of claiming the US is a nation based upon Judeo/Christian, and ONLY Judeo-Christian morality codes and ethics.


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