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The ‘Volunteer (for bigotry) State’

April 28, 2011 - John Stack
The ‘Volunteer (for bigotry) State’

A lot of people complain about our high taxes in new York and that our education system doesn’t reflect the higher amounts of money we spend on our children as compared to other states. Let me clear. If it takes this extra money to not have to send my children to school in Tennessee, it is money extremely well spent.

I have family in Tennessee. I have a niece and nephew who achieved greatly at school and are great young adults, still in college. I credit only their father for this (my brother) as they thrived despite what the educational and legislative powers that be tried to do otherwise. One a recent visit to Tennessee, I went to a national tractor pull with my brother and his kids. His daughter knew more about the program than most males! Anyway, it was held at the Bedford Forrest High School. The same Civil War ‘hero’ who later was a founding member and grand Wizard in the KKK, who ran a campaign of terror against blacks (and Republicans, who ironically were the antislavery party at that time). Remember, the Civil War wasn’t about denying blacks all rights, it was about state’s rights (as in, it should be a state’s right to keep blacks as slaves). At the tractor pull, thousands of tins of Skoal were handed out and carrying around a sleeve of a dozen tins of Skoal was as much a sign of pride as the T-shirts professing their undying allegiance to Bill Voreis. This is pretty much Tennessee in a nutshell. (In truth, I am a Bill Voreis fan). I think we had to take the Lee Victory Parkway (via the Chicken Pike) after we had stopped at the Lee Victory Recreation Center (seemingly, the schools down there down have books that explain Lee actually lost the war – see where I’m coming from?)

This week, a panel in the Tennessee senate (introduced by progressive state senators Stacey Campfield and Rep Bill Dunn – I would say Republican, but that would be redundant) passed a bill that would make saying the words ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’ in Tennessee public schools illegal. As written, it would put into law that it is illegal to discuss any sexual behavior other then heterosexuality prior to the ninth grade. Senator Jim Tracy in defending his narrow minded intolerance, in claiming they weren’t really becoming more bigoted and homophobic, because the laws on the book already prove they are bigoted and homophobic, such as it all ready being a misdemeanor to teach any sex education that is not part of the ‘family life curriculum’ adopted by the state Board of (mis?)Education.

This does make a lot of sense. If you make talking about homosexuality a crime, of course the homosexuality won’t exist. None of the problems that may occur because of non-heterosexualness will vanish and peace will settle among the deep south. A 13 year old who is being beaten up and harassed daily because of his or her possible homosexuality will never happen because no one can discuss the word gay or anything about it. The problem will literally disappear. A child who goes to her guidance counselor because she has a homosexual parent and is being ostracized by kids and bullied daily will be told she can’t talk to anyone at the school, because homosexuality doesn’t officially exist until the student is in the 9th grade. It’s not like someone being bullied daily might commit suicide or hurt or kill another student just because they are scared to leave their home and go to a school where the administrators are legally bound not to recognize what she is telling them.

I mean, if we make homosexuality illegal, homosexuality will cease to exist. I know you gun nuts out there know what I’m saying here. If you ban guns ( or ban homosexuals) there will no longer be guns (or homosexuals) and we will all be safe from both.

Its all because homosexuality is a lifestyle CHOICE. ALL homosexuals choose to be self loathing. They all also enjoy being ostracized from their community. They look forward to the bullying and name calling and violence against them in school and society. It is a choice because they surely don’t want to feel accepted by society. They surely don’t want to get an education free of bullying or help from a guidance counselor or therapist. They choose to enjoy being called every type of rotten homophobic name in the book. They choose that their family must enjoy being ridiculed and harassed because they are related to a homosexual (which doesn’t exist in Tennessee schools until the 9th grade).

Senator Camfield claims homosexuality is being (shiver shiver) in classrooms, although the Board of education claims they have no evidence of this. Again, lets be honest here. Homosexuality in school is most likely the worst thing that could possibly be tolerated in a school setting. I mean, what would happen to teen preganancy statistics if homosexuals were tolerated? How about teen drug use, crime and graduation statistics (obvious very minor annoyances compared to homosexuality). One can only guess how these statistics would change with tolerance and compassion.

The great state of Tennessee can take solace in their neighbors to the South East. The FAR south East. Uganda. The Ugandians have figured out how to deal with their ‘gay’ problem. Death sentence. And family and friends who fail to report their felonious gay siblings? 7 years in prison. Landlords who rent to gays? 7 years in prison also. Luckily, the so called ‘gays’ of Uganda have a chance, in the form of leaders of US conservative Christian ministries. They believe therapy can cure gays to come back to being heterosexuals.

There ya have it. In a nutshell, we have the solutions to the scourge of homosexuality. Therapy. Prison. Make it illegal to even acknowledge it exists. If that all fails – the death penalty.


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