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More on King (or, Moron King)

March 31, 2011 - John Stack
Mark this down. This is the first, and probably the last time I ever agree with Michele Malkin. We both agree Peter King has lost his mind on the gun control platform. In the aftermath of Sen Giffords getting shot in Arizona, he called for a law to make it illegal to carry a gun within 1,000 feet of certain high ranking federal officials, including members of congress (of which he is a member). In my last blog, I said I’d get back at how else Rep King is a coward. Its obvious he is afraid of Muslims (as well as blacks, hispanics, non-christians, etc etc). Now he’s afraid of anyone with a gun. Anyone.

A 1,000 feet perimeter? Why hasn’t the Tea Party and small government Republicans jumped on this for its lunacy? How would you actually implement this? How do you set up a 1,000 foot zone for every member of congress plus other high ranking officials? That’s probably 750 people. Do you follow each of these people with helicopters equipped with some type of gun radar? Where could this be possible? If a congressman gave a speech out on the tarmac of a federal air base where all in attendance could be checked for weapons, they might be able to enforce this. Heck, if a congressman drove through Saranac Lake their isn’t enough jail space in the county to arrest everyone within 1,000 feet of him that owns a gun. Just implementation of this in even the smallest of small could easily run into the millions for each and every person to be protected. Would all personal rights be suspended for this? Forget the 2nd amendment. How on earth he would get thru constitutional muster on this is pure folly. How about illegal search and seizure? Would every house in town have to be searched and any (legal) gun owners asked to stay out of town while the VIP was in town?

Even if there was some type of process in place to actually implement this law, what chance is there of this actually helping? The shooter, Loughner, does anyone think this would have stopped him? He came in bent on killing. Think he would be worried about being caught within 1,000 feet of Giffords? He makes the far left gun control advocates look moderate! NYC Rep Carolyn Maloney, one of the staunchest gun control advocates, is at least taking a pragmatic approach. Better to keep the weapons out of the hands of unstable people and the like than to create some incredibly unenforceable, expensive and inefficient 1,000 foot halo.

For levels of lunacy this ranks up there. Out in Wisconsin, Gov …is acting like the state is his fiefdom and the GOP leaders his court jesters, but at least he is pushing for something that there really should be debated (I disagree with his plan and tactics, but it is an issue that needs to be looked at critically). I wonder why when a politico pulls a crazy stunt like this, that people don’t start calling for his resignation. Do people really want a Representative that is so knee jerk reactionary to events to the point of psychotic actions? Do people really want a Representative that is really only looking out for his own safety? The only people in America worth protecting are members of congress? I don’t remember him asking for more security around every Planned Parenthood in America. Those places face more of a danger of violence than any congressman (no matter which side you are on, there is factually a lot more violence against Planned Parenthood and abortion providers than against congessmen). Not to mention his insane fear of all Muslims to the point of trying to make America less safe by fomenting anger in the Muslim community. Wait. On a call with Sean Hannity. Ok. Uh huh. Yeah. Ohh. Thanks! Bye. Sean just let me know that if you are afraid of Muslims and believe them to be the real Great satan and you voted against President’s Health Care Reform, you are still on the ‘IN’ with the Conservatives.

To paraphrase Dean Vernon Wormer ‘Dumb, xenophobic and hateful is no way to go through life son’


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