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Everyone considered him the Coward of the Country

March 28, 2011 - John Stack
Earlier this month Rep Peter King (R-NY) held hearings on Islamic Radicals. No one is quite sure what was truly to be gained from these hearings. One way to help combat such a problem would of course be to encourage cooperation with the American Muslim Community in denouncing radical Islamists as well as with American authorities. Also, helpful would be to have American Muslims feel they are not being singled out and that they are welcome. Well, Rep King’s hearing did the exact opposite on both counts. If anything, if there were Muslims who were disheartened by their treatment up til now as Muslims, I’m sure Rep King pushed them over the edge. If there are Radical Muslim recruiters out there, they couldn’t have done in 100 years what Rep King did in one set of hearings.

If rep King wanted to really help out with terrorism, which seems to be the subtext of these hearings, why did he choose ONLY Muslim extremists? King said he would not bow to ‘political correctness’. What he meant was he wouldn’t bow to logic. START is a database that is compiled by the US Department of Homeland Security. It tracks all instances of political violence, and has been ongoing for decades, through Democratic and Republican presidents, Senates and Congresses. Guess what the majority of political violence has been pointed towards? Black churches, reproductive rights facilities, government offices, and individual minorities. Who was responsible for the majority of these attacks, and what were these groups political ideology? Right Wing Extremists. Then again, having hearings on Right Wing extremist groups would be like telling people water is wet, and it sure wouldn’t encourage his base of cowardly conservatives.

At one point in the hearings, Rep Mike Rogers (R, Ala) said ‘at no point have I ever heard a member of this committee on either side of the aisle assert that we have to omany mosques, or too many muslims, or anything of that kind, so I don’t know where the ranking member got that idea –‘. Unfortunately for this pathetic rube was that the chairman himself had said EXACTLY that in an interview in 2007. No tto mention he also said “85% of American Muslim community leaders are an enemy living among us’. At least he has one thing he is committed to: Terrorism in any form is completely unacceptable. …Well, unless you are an IRA terrorist, then, of course its acceptable to wit “If civilians are killed in an attack on a military installation, it is certainly regrettable, but I will not morally blame the I.R.A. for it.”

But, at least he has unbiased friends supporting him. Like Gretchen Carlson, who would NEVER play the victim card , said on Fox and Friends on 3/7/11, and I kid you not, "By the way, a lot of Christians feel they've been marginalized in the last couple years as well." Her droogy Doocy responded, "Not for terrorism. Just -- period," and Carlson agreed. Christians. Yes. CHRISTIANS have been marginalized. Just like Rep King himself I’m sure he feels like white males of Irish or European ancestry have also been marginalized. You know. White Christians of European descent . The group that controls not only the vast majority of US corporations, US money, US senators, Congressmen, and Governors. Marginalized.

Lets be real. These hearings are about what Peter King is afraid of. He is afraid of muslims. He’s afraid of black people. He’s afraid of people with guns (more on that later). The only people he’s not afraid of is white right wing extremists. Well, as he is one of them, it would seem odd to be afraid of what one is and aspires to be.


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